Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A day in my life doing Touristy Things | Miramar, Panjim, Vagator Beach, Chapora Fort & Goan Sunsets

There's this thing about having lived in multiple cities - you make a lot of friends everywhere. And most of them become friends for life - or what we may call - bff (best friends forever). I'd always find this phrase so cliché, but the last two years have changed my life completely. It was in summer 2014 that I decided to move out of Goa. Since then I've lived in four cities - Mangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi - some for just a few months.

But yes, I didn't just visit the place, I was studying or working there - so yes, I lived there. And in the bargain, I made a lot of friends. I learnt to live out of the suitcase. I learnt to manage in any kind of situation. I learnt to plan my finances. I learnt a lot - by myself and from people I met. Until I finally came back to Goa in May 2016, and have been staying here ever since. Even though I travel occasionally, I am based out of Goa as of now.

I had the 'wanderlust' bug hit me in August 2014. It all started with random trips, a solo trip to Trivendrum (Kerala) and a bit of backpacking. And I've never stopped since then. Life's got so much better ever since!
How did it begin?

So I met this girl - in July 2014, who was my roommate. She was a Gujju, who had just returned from her Himachal trip and was so excited to tell me all about it. And that's when I realised what I was missing in life. And I started traveling - and not just visiting places and doing touristy things. That's what changed the way I travelled. She changed the way I travelled. Am I grateful? Very much!

And she came to Goa today. We've been the best of friends even though she changed the accommodation after being there for just three months. So we were roommates for three months and best friends ever since. We did some fun things when in Mangalore - lunches, dinners, shopping, movies, beach visits... But I never traveled with her. She came to Goa a year back and we went clubbing to Mambos. And she came to Goa again - today - for just a day. With another friend (and we are friends now too. Definitely, a friendship that'll last)

How often do you meet someone who takes out a diary and a Fountain Pen with an ink bottle and start sketching in the middle of nowhere? I'm so fortunate to meet people like these, who still exist! How often do you meet people who can live without a network connectivity of WiFi for days? They exist too!

Today, I explored a bit of Goa with the two of them. We walked the streets of Panjim, relaxed for a bit at Miramar Beach, had a nice North India vegetarian lunch (because both of them are North Indians and vegans) and spent an amazing evening at Chapora Fort on Vagator Beach - Yes the 'Dil Chahta Hai Fort'.

And that's the longest time I've spent with myself, and with people who matter. I'd got so busy with work, I hardly slowed down and did something that wasn't work. It's moments like this that make life awesome.
Today, as I watched the sun go down, with a stunning view and even awesome people with me, I realised how perfect my life is. How every little thing in our life makes a big difference. I realised how simple things like this can make you truly happy.

This was just another day in my life. Tomorrow is going to be a new beginning. A very big life update is coming up, I shall share it with you'll a little later. That's something I've always wanted to do. You know the feeling when you are about to get a step closer to your dream? That's the feeling right how. I'm super excited, super anxious. Wish me luck! And enjoy these beautiful photos from today!
 Text & Photographs : Flexcia D'souza | Travel Blogger | Goa India

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