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Best of Mangalore Part 1: Things you shouldn't miss out on when in Mangalore

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If you do not know this, let me tell you that I spent the major part of my last two years in Mangalore. Even though it is called 'Mangaluru' now, I'd still prefer calling it Mangalore. It sounds and feels better. That being said, I had a love affair with the city the very first time I came here. It was a cold July morning. It was the peak of the monsoon season and I was totally drenched the moment I got off the train.

As I scurried through the busy Mangalore city, with the aid of Google maps, I slowly began falling in love with even more. And continued exploring the city for the next two years. Unlike other major cities, Mangalore has its own charm. It is a blend of several cultures and ethnicities. It is a homogeneous mix of of traditional and modern.

Mangalore is a fast developing city. Since they have some of the best higher-education institutes, they have students from all over the country flock to Mangalore for studies. Some end up staying longer. For me, it was just two years. I completed my Master of Communications and Media Studies (MCMS) from St Aloysius College, Mangalore. It is situated right a top the hill and greets you to a beautiful view of the entire city of Mangalore.

St Aloysius College Campus - Katte

That being said, I am starting these series of posts titled 'Best of Mangalore' series, where I shall slowly tell you everything about the city. I shall use my two years experiences in the city to give you all details about the city. This will help you whether you are a traveller or a student looking to migrate to Mangalore. So let's get started. This post is about Things you shouldn't miss Out on in Mangalore. It's about all the things you should do atleast once in a lifetime if you are in Mangalore.

#1   Start your day with a healthy South Indian breakfast

South Indian breakfast : Dosa with sambhar and chutney

Breakfasts in Mangalore are a mix of South Indian breakfasts. You see traces of coastal food (Konkan food). Kerala food and normal South and North Indian food. You can gorge on everything from soft idlis and dosas to sumptuous chole bhature and paranthas.  The choices are many. Read more about must-try breakfast items and snacks in Mangalore here and hotels and restaurants to find them at here.

#2   Visit the religious places

Kudroli Temple

Mangalore known to get it's name from the ancient temple, Mangaladevi Temple, is a popular religious sites. With a number of Catholics having migrated to Mangalore during the Portuguese era in Goa, Mangalore has a significant Catholic crowd as well. As a result of which, there are so many temples and churches all over Mangalore. And they are worth a visit, trust me! I am not a religious person, yet I have visited almost all of them for the astonishing architecture, design and calm. I shall do a detailed post about Religious Places in Mangalore soon. Stay tuned!

#3   Have a good platter seafood and Konkani lunch

Lunch at Bappamas

As I mentioned earlier, since Mangalore is in the extreme South of Karnataka it has influences of Kerala blended into its culture and lifestyle. But since Mangalore is a Konkan coastal city, it has still maintained several food habits of the Konkanis. Trying out the authentic Mangalorean coastal delicacies should be added to the list of things to do in Mangalore. Also do not miss the seafood. Read more about the best Seafood Restaurants in Mangalore here.

#4   Malls and movies

City Center Mall

Unlike metropolitan cities, Mangalore malls are smaller and compact. They offer a variety of things to choose from. Also, the cinema tickets are tad bit cheaper here. So yes! Go watch a movie too. My friends do this every time they come to Mangalore. Also, City Center Mall has it's own charm. I have memories of spending most of my evenings after college there. Totally worth a visit. I shall make a list of malls and multiplexes for you all soon. Stay tuned to the blog for the post.

#5   Beaches and sky

Tannirbhavi Beach

No matter where you are from, Mangalore beaches will totally amaze you. Well, I say this having come from the land of beaches - Goa! Even though our Goa beaches are amazing (that they are!), Mangalore beaches are so much different. The type of people you see, the type of food you get, everything is a story in itself. Secondly, the Mangalore skies are amazing. Dude, please look up at the sky when you are in Mangalore. Every day it looks different and exceptionally breathtaking. Also, don't miss the sunsets at the beaches. So well, you should add this to the list of things to do in Mangalore. Here is a list of best beaches in Mangalore.

#6   Other places to visit in Mangalore

Manasa Waterpark

Even though Mangalore is a small place, it has a lot to offer. If you are really excited, you can check out some of these places:
          Sultan Battery Fort
          Manasa Water Park
          Pilikula botanical garden and zoo
          Sammilan Shetty Butterfly Park in Moodbidre
          NITK lighthouse in Surathkal
If you are interested in any of these, comment below and I shall provide you more details.

#7 Try out the street food in Mangalore

Pork at a roadside stall in Jyoti

This is my favourite part about exploring Mangalore. You find street food stalls at almost every corner. And you can so many varieties of street food in Mangalore. Please make sure you try eevrything you find. It's worth it! I shall make a post on Mangalore street food soon. Stay tuned!

#8   Chill out at a lounge or pub in the evening

Cafe Mojo Pub and Bistro

Mangalore, even though a small place, has a lot of lovely pubs spread across the city. You can head there with friends or all by yourself if you want to sip on some beer and just chill out until night. Also, some lounges offer great food. I shall put all details in the post about lounges and pubs in Mangalore. Stay tuned!

So that's it about Mangalore. If you are a local reading this, kindly remind me if I have forgotten to mention anything. And if you aren't from Mangalore and just a visitor, hope this post helped you in some way. Mangalore is a beautiful city. I understand people have a lot of inhibitions about Mangalore due to the stuff they see in the media, but trust me, Mangalore is a safe and beautiful place to be in for a while. I lived here for two years, had my set of fun, and still very safe. So, enjoy exploring the place!

Also, comment below and tell me if this post helped you in some way. You can also comment if you need more information about anything related to Mangalore. I will be happy to help! Also, let me know what are the other posts you want me to work on about Mangalore.

This post is as part of my Best of Mangalore series. Check out the future posts to read more about Mangalore.

Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza


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