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Best of Mangalore Part 2 : Breakfast and local snacks you should try when in Mangalore

A good breakfast can definitely gear you up for a great day. Mangalore has some really great breakfast options. As I mentioned in my earlier post as well, Mangalorean cuisine is a unique blend of South Indian and coastal cuisine. So you get to savour some really unique breakfast preparations in Mangalore. Some are things you can easily find elsewhere, but Mangaloreans prepare it with a twist for a different flavour. In this post I shall list down some really amazing food that can be had during breakfast or as a mid morning snack and places to eat in Mangalore.

#1   Dosa

I am not talking about the overhyped masala dosa you eat everywhere. Mangalore dosas are yeasted rice batter pancakes which is served with chutney or sambhar. It isn't really crispy, but is very soft and delicious to eat.

#2   Neer Dosa

These are simple rice pancakes which are thin and has so many holes. It is usually eaten with chutney or gravy.

#3   Sajjige Rotti

It is a thick samolina and wheat flour pancakes usually served with butter or plain and makes for a tummy filling breakfast.  Recommended!

#4   Idlis

Mangalorean idlis are steamed rice cakes served with sambhar. Must try if you are looking for some authentic South Indian breakfast,

#5   Poori Ghashi

If you are a Poori-Bhaji lover, you will love the Mangalorean Poori-Ghashi. It is pooris served with dry vegetable preparation.

#6   Buns

Made of maida and bananas, these classic Mangalore buns are crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

#7   Pineapple Sheera

This is like the normal sheera we get elsewhere, with pineapple chunks added to it. My absolute favorite.

#8   Sajjige

This is savoury samolina mix made by frying all the ingredients in ghee. It is similar to the upma we get elsewhere,

#9   Jeegujje Podi 

Snack made out of batter coated and fried breadfruit.

#10   Neerulli Bajje

These are the usual onion pakoras/ fritters we get everywhere in the country.

#10   Kelyancheo Gariyo

It is a crispy snack made of wheat flour, sugar, bananas and coconut milk, and deep fried.

#11   Chattambade/ Masala Vade

These are deep fried Mangalorean style spicy black gram fritters served with chutney and best washed down with filter coffee.

#12   Goli Baje

They are also known as Mangalore bajje or pakodas served with coconut chutney. They are basically Mangalorean style seasoned flour fritters best had as an evening snack with a cuppa.

#13    Vegetable Bonda

This is a slight variation of the vada paav we get in Bombay. They are mixed vegetable fritters served with cutney, and no bread. There is a beetroot variation to it as well, with betroot replacing the vegetable stuffing.

#14   Mangalorean Pou

There are a variety of snacks made of beaten rice available in Mangalore. There is Godaso Pou - sweet beaten rice/poha, Masala Pou - mildly spiced beaten rice, Theek Pou - spicy beaten rice and Phova Chetney (Konkani styled spiced beaten pou)

#15   Kori Roti

Saving the best for the last. Must try Mangalore food! Kori Rotti is a popular spicy Coastal Karnataka dish, a combination of red-chili based chicken curry and crisp dry wafers made from boiled rice. Read more about my Kori Roti experience here.

These are available at every small and big restaurant/ chai stall around the city. I have eaten most of it at the place where I stayed and some at local chai shops and small hotels with friends. Since the breakfast and evening chai snack menu changed everyday, I have tasted all of the above.

I shall list some hotels you can try them at here. If you can't find these places, try them anywhere and you will like it.

This post is as part of my Best of Mangalore series. Check out the previous and next posts to read more about Mangalore.

Text: Flexcia D'souza || Food Blogger
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

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