Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evening at NITK Beach, Surathkal

It was another one of those evenings exploring Mangalore with Varsh. This day, we decided to head towards Surathkal - that is 22 KM away from where we stay in Mangalore. It is a suburb located at the Northernmost region of Mangalore in the Dakshina Kannada district. Even though we cross this place almost every time we go to Udupi or Goa. I never really stopped by or went to Surathkal.

I had heard a lot about the Surathkal Beach and the Lighthouse. Surathkal is loacted on National Highway 17 (Kochi-Panvel Highway) and lies between two rivers Gurupura (Phalguni) and Pavanje (Nandini). It is situated right across the Arabian Sea and has beautiful Sea Coast.

Surathkal is just 6 KM away from the Mangalore Sea Port, hence the magnificent Lighthouse at the beach. The NITK Beach and the adjoining Lighthouse is a private property of the NITK, but locals are allowed to visit and enjoy the sunset.

The beach has a few rocks and clean sand. The biggest thing on this beach is its 'sand'. It is totally different from all other beaches that it is powder like as compared to sand type feeling at all other beaches. You can confirm it by walking barefoot on beach.

The sunsets at the beach are magnificent. Being a sunset lover that I am, I got a very good view of the sunset. You can either sit at the beach or at the viewpoint behind and gaze at the waves breaking at the shore and the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. NITK Beach in Surathkal is a favourite weekend getaway for Mangaloreans since it is close by and easily accessible. 

Just before heading back, I was recommended having the famous maggi from the small shop at the entrance of the lighthouse. The small shop sells local snacks, soft drinks and the like. The maggi is a signature of the place. He provides a vegan option and a non-vegan option. We opted for the non-veg one and were served with a giant plate of freshly prepared maggi with some veggies and egg bits toppings, all for Rs 40/- 

Text and Photographs: FLEXCIA D'SOUZA  || Travel Blogger

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