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Travel goals and travel bucket list for the New Year || Places in India I want to visit in 2018

Hey guys! I took way too long to figure my bucket list for 2018. I know I had to start earlier, but it's not too late to create one now either, isn't it? So well, here's my travel bucket list for 2018.

My two major travel goals for 2018 are -- travel to 12 places in this year and do at least one solo trip. 12 places because the year has 12 months. Though I hope and wish to do one trip a month, I won't restrict it to that. I may do one or more trips in a month and then probably take a break. Perhaps do more than 12, but will definitely do 12. Secondly, travel solo, because I've wanted to do it ever since I was 19 and never had the guts to. I still am not confident about it. But I will push myself to go to at least one place all by myself. I have figured a few places, but need to do a lot of research and I'm at it!

So well, now that you know my travel goals for 2018, it's time to know my travel bucket list. I don't really have a ton of places on the list yet. But here are a few which seem doable, and I shall add a few later depending on the time of the year. Or probably do some spontaneous trips.

#1 Jaipur, Rajasthan

Because, who doesn't love royalty right? I've always been fascinated by history and architecture. I took a trip to Hampi a couple of years back and loved it, though there were just ruins. But after visiting Bangalore Palace and Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad while on my recent trips, I'm even more in love with palaces. While in Jaipur, I would love to visit a bunch of palaces and experience how the royalty lived.

#2 Coorg, Karnataka

A trip to the Scotland of India has been pending since 2015. I've always wanted to go there, but somehow it doesn't work out. While I was in Mangalore, it was like a three and a half hours drive from there. But due to lack of company or some other circumstances, I could never make it. But this time, I'm committed to visiting the land of coffee once - to experience nature at its best, stay amidst coffee plantations, drink the best filter coffee in India, eat Coorgi pork and meet the nicest people in India (I'm told Coorgi's belong to the Aryan race). Secondly, I'm really fascinated with Tibetan colonies. I've been to a smaller one before, but Kushalnagar seems really interesting and I want to go soak in some spirituality and try some yummy Tibetan food including momos (I love momos).

#3 Cola Beach, Goa

This is one of the nicest beaches in Goa and it's a pity I haven't been there yet, despite living in Goa almost all my life. I'm determined to do a little picnic to Cola beach which is in South Goa. I've been to other beaches in the vicinity like Palolem Beach and Agonda beach. But never really reached here yet. The photographs of the pristine beach, swaying palms and sweet water lagoon is really pulling me towards it and I got to make a trip down south really soon!

#4 Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, Maharashtra

I did a few trips to the hills last year, including Lonavala and Matheran (both in Maharashtra). But Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani seem really interesting places to just chill and soak in the all-year winter. There's one thing I wish to do here - of course, besides visiting the multiple beautiful view points - eat strawberries dipped in whipped cream. It's really tempting for the foodie in me and I'm yearning to do it at the earliest.

#5 Dudhsagar waterfalls, Goa

It's more like the Niagara Falls of Goa (or at least that's how much the hype is). Apparently it's beautiful and getting there is quite challenging. You're either supposed to trek, hop on a train and try to get there (unofficially) or hire a jeep and go there. But either ways, it's quite adventurous. I've seen too many photos to pique my curiosity, seen a bunch of Bollywood movies showcase the falls in all its glory and seen too many tourists obsess over it. So well, adding it to my 2018 travel bucket list.

#6 Ooty and Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Taking a vacation to Ooty and Coonoor has also been added to the bucket list. I haven't read much about the places, but I have seen a few videos and they seem insanely beautiful. So well, let me go see for myself?

#7 Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Because I've never been to a dessert and I am not going to the middle east any time soon. So the closest I can come to a dessert experience would be taking a drive to the dessert or going on a dessert safari. I also plan to camp in the open, under the twinkling stars and hope no wild animals eat me up. Seems a little too filmy, but I'm quite determined to do it. Let's see if I get anywhere close to what I imagine it to be.

#8 Mysore, Karnataka

Did I say I'm in love with palaces? So a visit to Mysore and half a day at the Mysore palace seems like the perfect vacation plan for a long weekend this year. Who's in?

#9 Fort Kochi, Kerala

I recently discovered this place when a friend went there and I couldn't go (because of work commitments). And I absolutely regretted not going. It would have been a fantastic experience. I'm quite excited to visit this colonial town and experience the blend of European and Indian cultures at one place. Cutesy cafes, artistic streets and waking up to Jewish fishing nets by the waterfront is my idea of the perfect Fort Kochi holiday.

#10 Galgibag Beach, Goa

Because I really want to watch turtles hatching. So the background story is - I'm a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, and love all of his books, and even make it a point to watch the movies based on those books multiple times. And I've seen The Last Song like seven times already. And the one thing that struck me and is stuck in my head is the turtles hatching by the beach. And ever since, I've been obsessed by the idea of camping by the beach with a loved one and secretly watching turtles hatch while the moon is shining in the sky. I know it sounds like a distant dream, but I wish this dream comes true.

#11 Alibaug, Maharashtra

Because, Shah Rukh Khan's last birthday was in Alibaug. Just kidding! But this beach town is really fascinating. Somehow, I love the beaches along the coastal stretch of Maharashtra. Most of the beaches are ignored and underrated, but I somehow feel the coast has some of the most beautiful beaches. I've been to Malwan and Vengurla in Maharashtra and a vacay to the beach towns is everything you need to forget your worries, rejuvenate and start afresh. So I wouldn't mind a long weekend trip to Alibaug. I also know how I want to do it! I want to hop on a ferry from Gateway of India to get there. Yassssssss! Interesting much?

#12 Hyderabad, Telangana

Though I didn't create the bucket list yet, I already started working on it. I wished to do a trip to Hyderabad for the longest time, so decided to start my new year with a three day trip to the city. While there, I explored the place and the food they had to offer. Tried the yummiest biryani, rich haleem, delicious lukhmi and droolworthy qubani ka meetha. I also had two amazing experiences which I shall never forget - one would be sipping on Irani Chai and nibbling on Hyderabadi cookies at Nimrah Cafe, with a mesmerising view of Charminar, secondly, I fell in love with dosas (I usually hate dosas) after trying the cheese dosas at Ram Ki Bandi. I spent half a day exploring the restored Chowmahalla Palace and what an amazing experience it was!

Stay tuned for my international travel bucket list. There are a bunch of places I want to travel to in the years to come.

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I hope you guys liked this post and are inspired to create a travel bucket list for 2018. Let me know in the comments below which places are on your bucket list for 2018. In case you have visited any of these places, tell me about it in the comments below and recommend things to do there. 

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