Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tips to plan a weekend getaway for someone who works six days a week

"Take me back or take me some place else"

Me: I have a weekend off this time. I need to go somewhere this weekend.
K: Or else you're gonna die?

You feel me if you have a full time job and plan a weekend getaway on every occasion you get. Also, you only understand me if you have the best boss ever (like mine) who lets you take extended weekends off (which also includes Mondays) twice a month.

However, planning the weekend travel is always tricky. You just have a few days; three, to be precise. And you have to schedule all the activities you plan to engage in during the weekend in those three days. It sure is difficult, but not impossible.

A lot of my friends who are working or still in college enjoy traveling as much as I do. But do not for one sole reason – no off days! Dude, how is that a concern? If you can plan things in advance and work on making it happen, it sure does. Just today I  had a friend ask me how I manage to travel despite of having a job! That's what kinda inspired me to write this post.

If you are someone like me who loves traveling over hitting the nightclub on a Saturday night, here are some tips you could probably use if you want to travel over the weekend instead of spending your Saturday night drinking and Sunday hungover af!

Tip 1 for Great Weekend Getaways: Plan Ahead

When you plan in advance, you have the excitement building and you make sure you execute the plan no matter what. Also, planning in advance helps you get good discounts on travel fares and accommodation tarrifs.

Tip 2 for Great Weekend Getaways:  Extend your weekend

What I usually do is, try to club a long weekend with an extra holiday. If you plan it well in advance, I am sure your workplace will allow it. Getting a leave on Friday or Monday, if you have a Saturday (and Sunday) off, should work!

Tip 3 for Great Weekend Getaways: Keep an eye on long weekends

There are so many public holidays, festivals, etc. that fall over a weekend – i.e. either Friday, Saturday or Monday (let’s consider Monday as well). The moment you get an updated calendar (which your work place or college follows) you have a list of holidays. So start planning right then!

Tip 4 for Great Weekend Getaways: Pack and prepare for the trip the day before

You do not want to stress just before you leave for the trip. Since you’re planning ahead of time, you have ample time to decide what your travel essentials are and what you would need for a weekend getaway.

Tip 5 for Great Weekend Getaways: Allow for some pampering

You do not want to get back to work in stress. Indulge. Get pampered. Dine out. Do your favourite things. After all, weekend getaways are meant to rejuvenate you before you get back to work! So make the most of it. Who doesn't love a spa session right?

Some weekend getaway options:

Have fun guys!

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