Wednesday, June 6, 2018

8 iftaar dishes you must try in Goa during Ramazan

While for the Muslims it's a means of breaking their day-long fast, for other communities it's a feast of delicious food everyday! Come Ramazan and the lane outside Jama Masjid in Panaji (very close to Panjim church) is lit up with several food stalls selling delicious food post 4.30 pm. Though it tends to get crowded once they are done with their prayers, going there before dusk means an empty street! They have a variety of food to pick from, have a look. Here are my top picks:


It's a variation of the popular haleem and cooked with chana and meat (usually mutton). @ Rs 70

Baida Roti

An egg roll gently shallow fried and stuffed with minced meat (chicken or mutton). This one's my favourite. @ Rs 70

Chicken Kheema Roll

It's seasoned minced chicken cooked and wrapped in rotis. Most value for money @ Rs 50. Or try the chicken cheese roll which is oozing with cheese, @ Rs 75. 


A hydrating and cooling apple drink for a refreshing start or end to your meal. @ Rs 10 a glass or Rs 50 a bottle

Kebabs, tandoori, tikkas

You can also find a multitude of fresh tandoors, kebabs and tikkas at the live station. Try the beef steak, chicken tikka or chicken tandoori. From Rs 30 to Rs 100.

Biryani and kheema

Muslim food for me, honestly, is biryani and kheema. And I cannot 'not have' the yummiest biryani and kheema while there! @ Rs 100

Eat the food there, or parcel some. But a visit to this food street is a must!

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