Monday, December 11, 2017

Of blurry dreams and hazy horizons

I've been traveling since Tuesday morning, last week. It's Monday night as I write this tucked in my own bed. There are times when I'm at home, bored and listless, wondering what it would be like to travel all the time. You know, the always being on road sort of travel. The never having to return back sort of travel. The I have no worries back home sort of travel. The I don't have a job or bills to pay, so let me keep going sort of travel. The let me foster newer friendships and the older friends can wait sort of travel.

But as I lie in my own bed, I realise how much I enjoy being in my own bed. The feeling of comfort and security. It may not be the coziest bed; it may not be anywhere close to the bed I could sleep on at the fancy resort. But it's mine. That's where the difference is, you see. I may have enjoyed riding the rented car, driving in the rented car or wandering around in the cabs, trains and buses; but nothing beats the feeling of riding my own bike into the horizon each day. I may have seen the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets when I'm traveling, but it's nowhere close to those surreal sunsets I experience at the beaches back home in Goa.

And that's when it hit me - all of us aren't meant to travel freely. While some enjoy the uncertainty of the roads, some prefer the comfort of their homes. While some enjoy the thrill of exploring newer horizons, some enjoy the chaotic routine. While some enjoy trying new food everyday, for some, moms homemade food may be heaven. While some prefer connecting to random people along the way, for some, human connections mean staying together each day and nurturing the relationship every moment. Don't worry if you don't travel as you are supposed to. Don't worry if you haven't seen 99% of what the world has to offer. Don't worry if you enjoy new places, but hate traversing the distance from one place to another. You're only human. You're meant to live. One day at a time. You never know, this journey might be the last!

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