Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cutlet-pav, beef croquettes and pork chop: these meaty treats at D'silvas, Miramar are a must try in Goa

What I love about Panjim is the meaty street food carts. Well, I'm sure they have sausage bread and cutlets in Margao too, but as you come towards the North, you hardly find any meaty items. We do have amazing street food in the North too - ross omelette, chicken shawarna and cafreal top my list. However, one always craves for some pork or beef, or choris delights and D'silvas is my go-to. Though I love Costa's in Santa Cruz too, who serve similar items, D'silvas is my frequent haunt since its conviniently located right across the beach.

If you have been to the place, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you will be surprised by the crowd and the quality of food you receive for the price you pay. It's quite easy to spot the place if you're heading there post sunset. Once you reach Miramar circle, keep driving towards the Dona Paula road. And few meters after CCD, a strong aroma of vinegar and tempered Goan spices will hit your nose. You can just park on your left and look for the street food joint.

It's a basic eatery - they have a few stools on the outside during the summers. But with the monsoons, most people are seen taking a takeaway, while some (like me) prefer to eat the hot food right there. Let me warn you here - the place is extremely crowded. Though they commence operations by 6.30 pm, they're still frying their meats. So a good decision is to go post 7 pm. You'll still have to wait in the queue, but it's totally worth it!

The 'beef' cutlet-pav @ Rs 60 is my absolute favourite. Their chicken cutlets and fish cutlets are regular. If you're a beef eater, you must opt for the beef cutlet-pav. It's the stow-stopper at this star-vendors eatery. The beef cutlet-pav is a large rava-fried fillet of vinegar-tempered beef, marinated in ginger-garlic paste and stuffed in a pao, with some of the soft, fried meat still hanging out. You can also ask for the plain cutlet. What you get is the fillet cut in finer pieces, drizzled with a gravy and a portion of salad.

Cutlet-pav is just one of many options on the menu at D’Silva’s. There’s choris-pav (Goan pork sausage bread), beef chilly fry, pork cream chop (a rava-fried pork rib marinated in Goan spices), beef croquettes, sorpotel  (a spicy, thick and tangy Goan style gravy of pork) and cafreal, besides the fish and chicken cutlet all priced at Rs 50-60.

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