Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monsoon drive to Chorla Ghat || Roadtrip to Chorla Ghat

Lofty mountains - the cliffs almost a foggy white, covered with misty rain clouds welcome you as you drive through the Chorla ghat on Goa-Karnataka border. The route to Belgaum via Goa passes through this mighty 'ghat' - mountain pass and one can't help but be amazed at the lovely views the valley has to offer on every turn.

The western ghats boasts of dense tropical forests and is known to house a number of wild animals and trees. Every time, I cross the western ghats, I go back to my environmental journalism class which I found very boring back then. Wish environment studies meant actually exploring the wild and having a nice time as you study. But alas!

This trip to Chorla was pretty random. I was home on a Saturday night - catching up on sleep. But how long can you sleep right? So somewhere around 4 pm, when I was done sleeping for the day, I decided to venture out. And my friend Aniket suggested we drive to Chorla.

Chorla Ghat is located approximately 35-km away from the capital city of Panaji. It's easily accessible for people from Belgaum and Goa considering it's an intermediate location. One can couple it into a longer road trip or just drive down, like I did. And trust me, the breathtaking views will definitely rejuvenate you! Happy trippin'





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