Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why being a 'chasmish' girl is awesome

I have been wearing glasses for most part of my life. But it is only recently that I completely came in terms with it and accepted them as a part of 'me'. During the early 2000's, it wasn't easy growing up as a 'chasmish'. You got teased and mocked, labeled and tagged. It was pretty much embarrassing wearing glasses in high-school and wearing lenses was such a hassle. I remember how offensive I'd be when I was labeled 'Jassi' from the popular TV show of that time, 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi'. Having the same hair cut made matters worse.

But now, times have changed. So has the perception of beauty! Gone are the days when you were labeled as the 'geek princess'. Now it's all 'cool'. Oh well, did I mention, geeky is the new sexy? You can look absolutely stunning and pretty even though you wear those glasses. Here I list perks of being a 'chasmish' girl.

#1 You can change your look by just changing the frame

You can just pick a new pair of glasses, or a different colour or style according to your mood and liking, and your look is totally transformed. You can completely rock your geek chic look.

#2 Your glasses can be your style statement

You can use your stylish spectacles as an accessory to style your outfit. What your shoes and bags fail to do, you trendy glasses can!

#3 It's easier to come across as someone more mature

You can completely nail the girlboss look even if you're just 22. Just sport the glasses and you instantly come across as someone more mature and responsible. Also, you are the favourite among all elders and your friends parents absolutely love you.

#4 It's so easy to get ready for an office meeting

Be it an office meeting or an intellectual conversation with the clients, your glasses create an amazing impression. People tend to take you more seriously when you propose an idea, looking straight into their eyes through your power glasses!

#5 You can be a different you without the glasses

Girls are glasses are usually assumed to be shy and introvert. You can instantly change from the sweet, innocent and simple one into something completely different when people get to know the real you.

#6 Your glasses can be a cover-up for all your eye problems

Sleepless nights, Puffy eyes? Dark Circles? One solution. Glasses! 

Geeky is the new sexy! Cheers my lovely girlies. You don't need to feel insecure about the glasses one tad bit. You will still be noticed with the glasses on! Share if you agree.

Styling and Modeling by Flexcia D'souza
Photography by Ghananil Naik

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