Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Getaway: St Mary's Island

This post is about a short trip I went on during summer 2015 to St Mary’s Island.

This beautiful island is just a small strip of land in between vast stretch of emerald waters. It is 7-km off the Udupi coast and can be reached via ferry. The golden sand, emerald water, hexagonal basalt rocks, coconut palms, clear skies and an amazing view gives the island a heavenly feel.

You get a view of the island when you start your journey from the shore on the ferry. There are ferry services from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm which takes around 25-30 pas­sengers per trip and charges around `200 per head. The initial journey until the ferry crosses the beach waves is petrifying, but as it reached the sea it soothes you. The amaz­ing view on all three sides makes you won­der which view you should bask in.

All I did was stared at the horizon as the view of the island became bigger as the ferry ap­proached the island. The place is frequent­ed by families and travellers from all across the world. As you enter the island which has thick gold sand and sea shells. As you enter you find a small stall selling snacks, candies and drinks.

The island is covered with hexagonal basalt rocks. The varied shapes and textures these rocks form makes them the highlight of the place. Then there are a lot of brown crabs moving around on the wet sand.

Another highlight of this island is the beauti­ful makeshift sheds and swaying palm trees in the vicinity. Water sports enthusiasts can also rent a jet ski for around `1500 and speed in the sea. The cool sea breeze and the incredible view rejuvenate you and get you all refreshed for another week ahead.

How to reach St Mary’s Island?

It is 58-km North of Mangalore and is well connected to Mangalore by road. Manga­lore is the nearest airport besides being a major rail and bus terminus.

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On the way to St Marys Island
St Mary's Island island from a distance

Almost there

Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza

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