A – I am someone who finds joys in simple things of life (but I love MOD)
B – I can talk for hours...and go on and on until I bore you to death. But I am shy af (go figure)
C – I am an active cross fitter, professional day dreamer and have a tendency of getting lost everywhere I go

Precisely a reason this blog has everything random. It's more like my personal diary where I scribble things when I have nothing to do (especially the weekends). I am an average Goan girl, but most of my Saturday nights are spent reading or watching a Bollywood movie (A – I do not watch Hollywood movies. B – I do not party like every other twenty-something Goan)

I love quaint restaurants, beach shacks and arty cafes. I love windows and balconies of colonial houses. I love bikes, and tattoos, and piercings. I find guys with a beard cute. I love Durjoy Datta, and Siddhart Malhotra, and.. idk (my crushes keep changing. Durjoy is a permanent crush though). I find myself really cool and enjoy my own company. 

I love 'good' food. I love tea (not chai). I love chocolate. I eat my dessert before my food, because I believe in the adage 'life is too short, so eat dessert first.' I love clothes, but I am lazy af to dress up. I am more of a clothes hoarder, than clothes wearer. I love shoes too. So my wardrobe is pretty much full with clothes and shoes I do not wear – unless I am clicking some pictures for Instagram or the blog! 

I am just another girl next door who loves telling stories. So read my blog, because I have like ten faithful friends who read all my posts. So be the eleventh! BTW, you can connect with me at flexciadsouza@gmail.com if needed, or find me on any social networking sites (I am very active on Instagram) by my name! Here are my social handles: Flexcia D'souza 

Lots of love

Flexcia D'souza, Goa

Conceptual Storyteller

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