Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A vintage gastro-pub experience at Soro, Assagao

Come evening, the vintage gastropub, right in the heart of Assagao - Soro The Village Pub - is buzzing with the right kind of crowd. Just chill with your buddies over drinks or indulge in some delectable food off their quirky menu, it's a place to soak in the vibe and just unwind, especially during the weekend when they have a buzzing live music and salsa scene! 

The interiors are elegant and classy - with incandescent lighting, industrial themed decor and high chairs you can comfortable perch on. There is a cozy outdoor setting in the verandah, amid lush green foliage or an air-conditioned interiors if you wish to sit indoors.

Their bar counter, stocked with the best of premium liquor and a mixologist churning out some of the finest concoctions. The wait staff are warm, welcoming and friendly, and makes sure you have a wonderful experience.

They have the mocktails for the non-drinkers and IMFL for those who want to stick with the classics. For the more adventurous souls, they have a bunch of special cocktails in addition to the classic cocktails like the margaritas and the martinis.

We tried the Konkan @ Rs 300 (a Goan themed drink with cashew feni and rum, kokum juice, black salt with a hint of lime), Chocolate Kiss @ Rs 400 (a delicious chocolate and vodka concoction) and Goan Reviver @ Rs 350 (a coconut based drink comprising of tender coconut water and cocnut feni, with gin and white rum), which were delightfully refreshing and just apt to get the evening going.

The quirky menu has a bunch of interesting starters, one of which we started the evening with. The Vodka Gol Gappa @ Rs 140 was an unusual twist to India's popular street food, where the tamarind flavoured water was replaced by vodka. Yummza! 

The menu interestingly includes ample vegetarian options as well, in addition to a large seafood and meat delicacies. Their crunchy Onion Rings @ Rs 140, Paneer Skewers @ Rs 275 and Bruschetta loaded with cheese and garlic @ Rs 255 are good bets. If not, you could munch on some chilli cheese or regular fries!

For the seafood and meat lovers, the Bacon Wrapped Beef/Prawns @ Rs 350, King Fish Rava Fry @ Rs 300, Koonthal Masal Fry @ Rs 295 and Leaf Bundled Fish @ Rs 300 are good options. We opted for a platter of Island Tidbits @ Rs 370, which had a bunch of appetizers like crispy prawns, jalepeno cheese poppers, chicken wings and crispy fried calamari - the right portion size to share between two.

For those looking for a healthier option, the Tex Mex Nachos @ 275 are delicious with a nice topping of salsa, beans and sour cream, with an addition of bacon or chicken bits if you fancy it,

For the mains, I had to go with the Grilled Beef Tenderloin @ Rs 540, and done medium-rare, it was every bit of delicious. The peppercorn marinated tenderloin was succulent and oozing with flavours, and came on a bed of sauteed veggies. Divine! They also have a selection of salads, burgers, pizzas and pastas.

For the lovers of Goan food, they have their take on the Chicken Cafreal with Poi @ Rs 255. The juicy chicken in the spicy green marinade made for a filling and tasty meal served with local bread. You could also opt for their Grilled Moroccan Lemon Chicken @ Rs 380 or the Soro Mixed Seafood Platter @ Rs 915.

For someone whose meal isn't complete without dessert, their selection of assorted desserts are something you could end your meal with. Dive into a warm goey chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream or a crumbly apple tart with ice cream.

End the meal with a home made chocolate paan to add to the fun! The menu indeed is quirky and something to look forward to. With the quality of food taking centre stage, Soro lives up to the hype! The right portion sizes, delectable flavours and wide variety is something that will get you hooked! Happy dining!

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