Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nothing should stop you from doing what you love || ft. CocoLeni eyewear

Hey guys

For those who don't know, I love reading. I have a mini library at home. I have been reading ever since I could. One reason I write for a living today is because I loved reading and I thought creating content is the coolest thing to do in this universe. Being able to touch just one life - in a way that many writers have touched mine - is something that keeps me going! Reading is something I can not imagine life without...

However, one really big challenge I need to keep tackling is poor vision. I'm born with a poor vision which was discovered only when I was 10 - because it was evident that I CAN NOT SEE! It came as a blow to my family, because no one, not even the elders in the family wore glass. So for a ten-year-old to be wearing a pair was scandalizing. I was totally oblivious of what's going on, and one fine morning I remember my mum forcing me to wear big round glasses to school... and that was the end of my life as a child!

I got teased, bullied and called all sorts of names, the most common one was Jssi from this soap opera 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin' which was aired on TV at around the same time I started wearing glasses. It definitely was a blow to my self-confidence. I stopped going out to play, I stopped doing everything a normal child would. I wasn't even allowed to watch TV. That's when and how I started reading. And my love for reading only grew over the years.

I got contact lenses only when I was 20 years old, because I was too scared of the weird stuff that I'd have to put into my eyes. But when I did get lenses, there was no turning back. I got my confidence back. I looked so much better. And life was fabulous... until, one fine day, one of my contact lens broke into two - in my eyes. Yes! I was at the beach and though I was wearing sunglasses, it was just too hot for me. That was in the summer of 2016. The same thing happened in the summer of 2018. I freaked out and stopped wearing contact lenses.

So I continued wearing glasses. But this time, I was so much more confident in my skin. I knew I had to live with my glasses and there was no running away from it. I can hardly even see without my glasses on, so I quite literally wear them everywhere I go. I have them besides my pillow and wear them the first thing when I wake up and take them off moments before I go to bed. So well, my glasses are a part of me, and they help me read and write better. I don't think my vision restricts me from reading. I don't think anything stops me from doing anything I love. And I think nothing should stop you from doing what you love!

I call this a new look because, I don't share pictures wearing glasses on the blog, for one plain reason - they aren't very flattering to look at. However, I shot by the beach with this pair of tortoise shell frames from CocoLeni Eyewear and I'm happy with the results. I think, if you pick the right glasses, they can very well be your style statement. The CocoLeni store is located in Caranzalem and offers an eclectic range of chic eyewear made from natural materials - making it unique and very different from what you get in the Indian market.

This editorial is shot by the very talented Ghananil Naik, who's a friend and a content creator himself! 
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