Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mistakes you don't want to make when you're starting a blog || What you should not do if you want to be a successful blogger

Hey guys, I have a bunch of you guys DMing me on Instagram asking me how to go about starting a blog. Honestly, I'm not the right person to talk about that. So I'm going to list a few things to do, which I didn't do and regretted later. Here's hoping you do all of this before starting a blog of your own and don't reapeat the mistakes I did.

Understand what blogging is
Understand what a blog is, how to run a blog and understand that blogging is a business and can be your primary source of income if you work hard on it. So have a business plan ready when you decide to venture into the field. Having said that, don't start blogging for money or fame, do it only if you're passionate about it.
Mistake #1 No one told me this.

Realise that it's not as easy as it seems
Understand that it's not easy being out there when there are tons of people doing exactly that. A trick is to be unique and find an offbeat genre.
Mistake #2 I chose 'lifestyle' and there are like a million people doing just that.

Read more
Read more blogs too. Read more, to learn more. Read more, to know what others love to read. If you don't want to read blogs, read something else that will eventually help you write better.
Mistake #3 I was under the notion that I may end up creating duplicate content if I read.

Decide the genre of the blog
Decide the genre of your blog. Read more about it. Figure the type of blogs within the genre and make a list of the ones you can handle. The easiest way is to pick a genre based on your liking and taste and jotting down around fifty story ideas for the same. If you can do that, you know you can sustain your blog and you won't be short of content for almost a year. Over time, you'll figure how to come up with interesting topics.
Mistake #4 I didn't even know what genre my blog was until months after starting it. I even changed my blog name and got a new domain name later because I realised the original one didn't go with my personality.

Get things ready
Work on getting your resources. You will mostly need a reliable Internet connection, a laptop, a camera or a phone that can give you amazing pictures. You may need lights if you plan on shooting indoors as well. Learn how to use your equipment. Work on your writing and photography skills too.
Mistake #5 I got to blogging without having the right equipment and for the longest time I was stuck where I began. Creativity and hardwork is one thing, but if you don't have the right equipment to create content, your growth is hampered. That being said, you can start with what ever you have, but I wouldn't want you to make the mistake I made.

Find a platform where you want to publish your blog
I guess it's very important to understand the kind of platforms you can publish on. Find out what other successful bloggers are using, what's in and what's going to stay for long.
Mistake #6 I chose the wrong platform.

Create content before go live
Keep content for at least eight posts ready (considering you'll post one blog a week), so you have content for two months ready. You can post more frequently if you think you can manage, but initially writing one blog post feels like a big deal (I can write three in a day now, that is, if I want to)
Mistake #7 I just had one post ready and went live with it. I was struggling to get content for the first six months.

Be consistent
I can't even tell you how important being consistent is. You realise the value only once you start growing and see what role consistency plays in your growth. You may not be exceptionally good (though I urge you be), but being consistent will take you placed.
Mistake #8 There were time when I wouldn't post for days and it affected my blog adversely.

Set a goal
Know why you're doing what you're doing and where you see yourself two years from when you start.
Mistake #9 For the longest time, even after I started, I didn't know where my blog was heading and what I wanted out of it (I know now). But it'd help me so much more had I known earlier.

Work on on your social media feed
Create social media handles on as many platforms as possible and be consistent there as well. A majority chunk of your readers come from there. Also make sure all your social media handles go with the same name as your blog so readers and followers can relate. Pick a set of content to be posted on social media and schedule it after researching about the audience preferences and peak time. Having said that, don't have separate content for the blog and your social handles. Your Instagram account should reflect what your blog is.
Mistake #10 I didn't know ABC of social media for the longest time.

Here's a quick tip - be passionate about what you're doing and stay positive. That's all I can say. Good luck. ✨

Let me know in the comments below if this helps!
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