Thursday, November 30, 2017

#AskFlexcia Questions I get asked very often

Hey guys!

I get a lot of DMs of people asking me things about me. Though I recently posted a blog post with facts about myself, so you guys can get to know me better, it still doesn't seem enough. So I asked you guys on Instagram to ask me questions that you have...

...and here I am sitting to answer them all, along with some frequently asked questions in my DMs.

What are you reading right now?
I am reading a book called Dongri to Dubai by one of my favourite authors S Hussain Zaidi. It's a crime - non-fiction.

Where do you plan to go next?
I am going to Bangalore next week! Randomly. Have to catch up with a few friends and just chill for a little less than a week.

Who's your favourite author?
I love to read romance fiction and crime non-fiction. My favourite author in romance fiction would be Nicholas Sparks, Eric Segal and Durjoy Dutta, while my favourite authors in non-fiction are S Hussain Zaidi and Jean Sasson.

Favourite fish thali joint?
In Goa, has to be Kokni Kanteen.

Suggestions for sunset points in Goa?
Guru Bar, Purple Martini, Thalassa - all in Anjuna and Vagator,

Don't you think you are addicted to Instagram?
I am, and I have no issues with it.

You're always visiting a new place and doing fun things. Why?
Because I love doing it!

A word that describes you best.

The first thing you will do when Instagram is shut forever?
Find an alternative.

Don't you have any proper work? What is your job?
I write for a living.

What was yours and Isha's first impression about each other when you first met?
I thought she's arrogant. And I never once thought we would ever be friends.

When will you get married?
I don't know.

Are you single?
Yes, I am single.

Which is your next resort to explore?
I don't know.

I didn't know you were interested in bikes. I was surprised to see you at the bike events.
I always have loved bikes.

Do you ride a bike?
Yes, I love motorcycles and I know to ride one.

You can ask me questions with the hashtag #AskFlexcia and I shall respond to them!

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