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Here’s a peak into the all new menu at Cluck Tales, Panaji, and they have beef and pork too!

One of the Canadian favourites – Poutine – features on the all new menu of Cluck Tales in Panaji. The all-day dining restaurant was previously known for their lava stone chicken and breakfast, and they did not serve pork and beef. But with the kitchen now headed by Goa’s favourite chef, Vasquito Alvares, a range of delicious meaty options are now added to the menu, including his iconic steak and pork ribs.

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Though he is constantly innovating and trying to add more bits to the exquisite range of food he serves, here’s some of the food we tried and loved a few months after he took over. The interiors and décor is exactly the same as before – the open kitchen still remains, and you can still watch the busy street around Don Bosco’s College if you sit by the glass panes on the side, the food selection has some cool new additions.


As I mentioned earlier, the Poutine has now come to Goa, rather Panaji, at Cluck Tales. Every French fry lover is left in awe of this brilliant creation, which originated in Quebec – a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada. There’s nothing to not love about the crispy French fries loaded with cheese and chicken bits before a delicious gravy is drizzled on it to give you a wholesome plate of drool worthy Poutine.

Hummus, chicken tenders and chicken wings

Next up was a Middle Eastern favourite – Hummus. The chickpea dip, made in-house by them is every bit of awesome and goes really well with home-made wholemeal pitta bread. The fiery Chicken Tenders and Chicken Wings are something you could opt for as well. They’re juicy, seasoned well and delicious. You could probably ask for BBQ sauce if you find them dry.

Beef burger

Their burgers are something to look forward to. Besides chicken, they have everything from meaty patties to bacon to make them even more tempting. Served with fries, the Beef Burger from Cluck Tales is every bit of awesome for a meat lover – juicy fillet of beef topped with cheese caramelised onion, smoky bacon and BBQ sauce. Yummm!

Jamaican jerk chicken

Another shot of the Jamaican jerk chicken

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken – essentially chicken in a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which the chicken is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. The one at Cluck Tales is served with potato wedges, fresh salad and rice with beans. The chicken is succulent, but what is even better is the rice. The rice being cooked with coconut milk coupled with the flavours of the beans makes it absolutely delicious.

Beef schnitzel

The Beef Schnitzel served with salad and mashed potato was as good as it could get. Thin slices of beef crumb fried to give a crunchy outer layer and a tender inside served on a bed of mash, with some greens. Squeeze some lemon for a slight tang, or just eat it plain, you’ll love the crunchy schnitzel either ways. The Vegetable Skewers are a wise pick for vegetarians!

Vegetable skewers

For the desserts, perhaps go in for a nutty Almond Monderela – a gluten free dessert made completely of almond meal, with layers of something like a short crust biscuit base, fudgy middle, a fruity jam layer and a crumbly top. I loved the crumbly Chocolate Brownie too. The delectable Apple Strudel – a flaky Viennese puff pastry with apples and cinnamon sugar to end the perfect meal at Cluck Tales. 

Almond monderela, chocolate brownie and apple strudel

Another shot of the desserts

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