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#BeerMeetsFood at Fortune, Miramar this October Fest

It’s the BEER time of the year! It’s OCTOBER!!! Surprisingly, it’s very recently that I’ve developed a taste for beer. I wasn’t a beer person at all for many years. After experimenting with several craft beer at a couple of places, I was glad was glad I was invited to sample the Beer Meets Food festival at Fortune, Miramar, Goa.

This was only my second time at Orchid, their restaurant on the ground floor. The first one was during their Burger Festival where they had red and black burgers and served them in several preparations; you could also make your own burgers! The restaurant is spacious and classy – yellow lighting, neatly laid furniture, coupled with great service.

First things first, Fortune serves craft beer. Yayyyyh! The ones they have is distributed by the Susegado microbrewery in Baga. So while you indulge in some beer-istic food this October Fest, don’t forget to chug some local beer as well. Of course, they have other brands too, but why not drink local, right?

Getting to the Beer Meets Food Festival – the ongoing festival – more of an October Fest menu, combines the best of both worlds – drinks and food. So quite literally ‘beer’ meets ‘food’. And it’s good food! Everything from seafood to chicken to pork made in several preparations features on the menu and it’s awesome! Here’s more...

You can start with their Beer and Cheddar Soup @ Rs 200/-. A warm concoction made out of pilsner beer and cheddar cheese served with artisan bread. I absolutely loved the presentation and how the soup tasted. There was one slight layer of beer, but as you dug into it, the soup tasted yumm. The cherry on the cake was the bits of crispy bacon that added a crunch to the creamy soup. I loved!

Next up was Currywurst @ Rs 250/-. It’s essentially a fast food originated in Germany consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausages seasoned with a sauce based on spiced ketchup. For the lovers of this German-origin item, the addition of wheat beer to the curry ketchup made the bratwurst even more enticing. The basic recipe remained the same. The fast food item was plated well, and served with fries and buttered toast.

The Buffalo Wings @ Rs 250/- that followed were again, cooked to perfection with the chicken wings deep fried, then coated with sauce and pilsner beer and melted butter prior to serving. I loved how innovative and delicious this American-origin item was. It came with greens on the side.

The spicy and refreshing Chilli Garlic Prawns @ Rs 300/- had the desired spice, coupled with a rich flavour of beer since the prawns were poached in beer before being pan fried in chilli, garlic and finished with lemon and herbs. I loved how Fortune meticulously worked on each item with so much precision.

As we sipped on our mug of beer, it was time to gorge on scrumptious Tempura Fish @ Rs 250/-, again with a beer twist to the original Japanese recipe. The batter, at Beer Meets Food consisted of Ale and the crusted fish fingers were served with ginger soya dip. The tempura was light and crunchy, while the fish was tender.

I loved how they had used different styles of beer in different cuisines and incorporated it different in each item. For example, the slow braised Pork Ribs @ Rs 250/- were tossed in honey and beer sauce. This was so delightful for me, since I am a fan of honey glazed pork ribs. Absolutely delicious beer twist!

Similarly, the Pork Belly @ Rs 300/- didn’t just have a beer coating, but a beer twist to the mashed potato as well. You can clearly taste the beer in the mash. While the slow cooked pork belly with beer glaze is every bit of awesome. There’s nothing to not love about it!

For a rice lover (yes, I love items made of rice) – the Yakhni Murgh Pulav @ Rs 300/- was delicious. Definitely my first time having rice with beer in it. But it was delicious. Basmati rice, slow cooked with fine bits of chicken in a broth consisting of beer as a main ingredient.

We weren’t done just yet. We had to try the Fortune version of the classic French delicacy – the Beer Bouillabaisse @ Rs 300/-. More of a seafood stew, served in a soupy consistency, flavoured with beer. They used locally available fresh seafood like shrimp, clams and mussels among others, which also made it look very appealing and droolworthy.

We also tried their scrumptious Chicken Roulade @ Rs 300/- served with beer butter mash. The cheese and brown onion roulade was as good as it could get, with tender chicken and subtle flavours causing a riot of the palate, combined with the beer mash.

We ended our meal with a bit of their Lamb and Beer Stew @ Rs 300/-. This again, had included beer in two ways – one in the stew itself and also in the bread. The lamb was tender and the stew well made with veggies and the broth tasting a bit of beer! Delicious nonetheless.

Coming to the best part of any meal – the dessert! They have three desserts – all of which has a bit of beer in it – and we tried all three. The Beer Ice Cream @ Rs 150/- is a wheat beer infused ice cream, which isn’t as creamy as an ice cream should be, but has a flaky texture. Reminds me of the softy we ate as kids, also because this one was served in a cone as well.

The Beer Jamuns @ Rs 150/- were my favourite ones among the three desserts. I love Gulab Jamuns anyways, and these ones were soaked in honey (instead of sugar syrup) and beer. They were served hot and were as delicious as they could get. I’d suggest you try this if you prefer Indian dessert!

If not, you can just pick the Beer Twinkie @ Rs 150/- – a soft donut shaped sponge cake (which was more like a finger donut) with a cream beer filling. This was the right amount of sweet and incredibly delicious. I also loved how it was plated and served with caramelised pop corn.

This is what you can expect at the ongoing Beer Meets Food festival at Fortune, Miramar. All the prices mentioned in the post does not include GST and the eventual rates after adding the taxes will vary. Indulge in an a la carte menu or get a set menu consisting of one soup, one starter, one main course and one dessert at Rs 650/- + taxes. All you beer lovers, you should be where #BeersMeetsFood this October Fest!  

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