Friday, September 8, 2017

Goa’s calorie counters should check out this new health café in Dona Paula || Zoes Café

The food might not be the tastiest food you’ve eaten, but it sure will be the healthiest food you’ve eaten outside of home. The freshly made salads, detox drinks, sandwiches, protein shakes and gluten-free desserts at Zoes Café situated inside Nobert’s Fitness Hub in Dona Paula, are perfect for the days you’ve taken the clean-eating resolution.

They pride themselves on the salads – which are patiently made by Derek himself. They take limited orders and you CANNOT pick anything off their salad menu. They have a salad-of-the-day – one each in veg and non-veg (chicken and fish) variants. They also have a subscription available for their salads, priced at @ Rs 2800/- for veg and @ Rs 3120/- for non-veg. They do entertain walk-ins; but they only serve you one salad per day. It’s advisable to pre-order for larger group-bookings.

I tried their tuna bombs – spicy tuna balls, crumb fried with as little olive oil as possible, served on a bed of deconstructed salad along with sour cream sriracha dressing. Every ingredient is fresh and sourced locally, hence I can vouch for the quality of food served. Though I am not into health food, I quite enjoyed the food. A lot of thought is put into plating the meal also, which definitely adds to the clean eating experience.

I've also tried their grilled chilli lime fajita salad. The 328 calalorie meal is made of chilli lime chicken fried with quinoa flour, boiled egg burji with mustard dressing, pan fried baby corn, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Served with avocado sour cream dressing.

If you’re there during the day – you can pick from among their smoothies, slushes, parfaits, juices or gluten free desserts. My pick would be the refreshing watermelon and mint slush, musk melon juice or pineapple and fresh cream slush. They also have teas and juices for those wanting a detox. The Tea Trunk white teas are definitely worth a shot if you’re a tea person (like me!)

Their juice subscription menu @ Rs 1080/- includes a wide range of smoothies and juices that are blended with other ingredients to make a wholesome meal. For someone looking for a fruity option, the watermelon-orange juice seems perfect with a hint of ginger. Or the mint chocolate chip smoothie made of delicious cashew flavoured milk and banana. Or the pineapple spinach green smoothie paired with their super food salad with quinoa for a guilt-free meal.

Their wholesome multigrain sandwiches and wraps can be considered for a quick bite as well. For a fitting end, follow up with the scrumptious gluten free brownies and cakes. You can also pick some homemade gluten free chocolates for some guilt-free binging. You know where to head if you’re craving some comforting yet healthy food. 

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