Friday, August 4, 2017

This little joint in Panjim serves the best homemade chicken biryani, and it's priced at just Rs 90/-

If you share a connection with biryani, like I do, you understand exactly how far you can go trying to find the best biryani. A search for some homemade chicken biryani leads me to the doorsteps of Khaleeda. She has been welcoming people into her humble abode since the last three years. She's converted the front portion of her house into a no-frills attached little dining space that comprises of five tables and can accommodate up to ten people at one time. 

The place is located in Batlem, on your left, as you drive from Caculo Mall side towards Mala. The place has no name. However, there is a small white board stating 'Biryani is Ready' in bold black letters. There's limited parking space next to the house and we were fortunate to find a spot. 

Khaleeda singlehandedly makes and serves the biryani. She tells us she recently learnt making biryani from her sister and decided to serve it to the neighbourhood. Though initially it was a go-to for lunch only for those living in the vicinity, the place is now frequented by people from different parts of Goa. But, you need to make sure you reach there before 1 pm, because she claims the biryani gets over by 1 pm or sometimes even before that, since she makes only a limited quantity.

She takes orders as well, but even then, she works alone. She makes just one type of biryani, but it's absolutely scrumptious and you'll keep going back for more. A large plate of biryani serving is charged at Rs 130/- while the smaller one is charged at Rs 90/-.  If you don't have a biggg appetite, just settle for the small plate, because it's pretty filling. She says, the quantity of biryani she makes varies throughout the week, so it's advisable to call and check whether you'll get some by the time you get there. 

Contact: +91 77 98 954289
Landmark: very close to Batlem carwash, in Panjim
Price: Rs 130/- for a larger portion, Rs 90/- for a smaller one
Sitting: Ten seats are available in the airy little place
Takeaway: Available

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