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Your food is served in silverware at the ongoing Saraswat Food Festival at Café Azul, Cidade Goa

Yes! You heard me right! The traditional Goan saraswat food is served in shiny lustrous silverware at the ongoing Saraswat Food Festival at Café Azul in Cidade de Goa, Dona Paula. Situated right across the beach, Café Azul makes for a perfect setting to enjoy your lunch (or dinner) with a view. You can sip on some of their signature mocktails or cocktails, one among which is Amchem Goem – a kokum based citrusy-minty mocktail that goes perfectly with the food on offer.

You can accompany your meal with their mocktails

The food is something that will add to the festive fervour. If you do not celebrate Ganesh Chaturti at home, worry not! Chef Sunit at Café Azul has you covered. With a range of delicious local cuisine, combined with his skills of crafting the best food, the thali is voluptuous and filling. Though vegetarian, the distinct taste of each items and the flavours that burst in your mouth with every bite makes it an experience worth a mention.

Who doesn't want to eat with a view like this

They have two types of pickles – one is a sweetish variant with mango and one is a spicy-tangy one with tendli (Ivy gourd), sol kadi – kokum curry which is very good as an appetizer and a digestive and is featured in all kinds of traditional food in Goa, amaranth bhaji (tambdi bhaji), potato sukhi bhaji, khatkhatem (mixed vegetable curry), ambada uddamethi (sweet and sour hog plum curry), varan, dal, yougurt with roasted peanuts, fodi (raw banana fritters) served with white rice, soft phulkas and poories. They also have the traditional Chaturthi dessert – steamed modak and mangane.

The saraswat thali

Though I am not into vegetarian food, I loved the poories – so soft and fluffy, both the pickles and some of the veggies. The desserts were pretty impressive though. What I liked more is how they serve the food – a neatly placed banana leaf over a silver plate. For those who have eaten in a Konkani house during festivals, you’ll know that the food is traditionally seved on a banana leaf. The restaurant has managed to combine the traditional aspect with the Cidade Goa hospitality for a perfect Ganesha meal.

Of special mention here is – they do not use onion or garlic in their food, since many people refrain from eating that during the Ganesha festival. And of course, no no-vegetarian! If you’re craving for a delicious vegetarian meal, you can try this! This voluptuous saraswat thali priced at Rs 950 + taxes. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi guys! 

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