Friday, August 18, 2017

Ice cream lovers rejoice! This parlour in Miramar has ice-cream pizza, ice-cream cake and dressy choco dipped ice cream cones in delightful flavours

With a range of exotic flavours, Ibaco ice-creams is a haven for ice-cream lovers. One can choose from over 36 exotic flavours, inspired from places around the world, like Madagascar Bean Vanilla to delectable Swiss Chocolate, Butterscotch from England and Pistachio from California. They even have a tropical jackfruit, maha raj bhog and buggle gum flavour which I am yet to try. They allow one to make their own sundaes as well by adding sauces and toppings. How cool right?

Their toppings include hazelnut sticks, raisins, blackcurrent, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow buttons, jelly cubes, rainbow sprinkles, cashew nuts, choco crispies, chocolate button, mango chunks, dried cranberry, assorted nuts, almonds, etc. You can also throw in a chocolate brownie and top it off with a waffle fan. The option of drizzling the ice cream you pick with chocolate sauce or chocolate fudge is also avaible.

Apart from their basic ice cream scoops and sundaes, they have an ice-cream pizza! With a crumbly cookie base and delicious toppings, the pizza is worth a shot. Their crunchy waffle cones and ice cream bars can be dipped in molten chocolate or chocolate fudge and sprinkled with their exotic toppings.

Their popular range of ice-cream cakes added two new combinations blending classic and contemporary variants – Swiss Choco Symphony and Mango & Lychee Medley this season. The delectable cakes, crafted specially by the expert team at Ibaco is sure to add some sweetness to your celebrations. Bored with the usual cake? Let's eat some ice-cream cake!

Price: Rs 80 for 100 gm (the toppings and ice cream scoops are weighed together for sundaes)
Ice cream cakes: Rs 500~1300 depending on size.

My pick in flavours: Belgian chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate secrets, salted caramel, swiss chocolate.

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