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Some sunshine on a gloomy day | Sunny Restobar, Nerul

Hey guys, here a post about a newly opened restaurant in Goa.

For the lazy Sunday meal with family, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you can now head to Sunny Restobar in Nerul, just a little distance away from the pristine, untouched Coco Beach. I recently discovered this place and was totally in awe of the quaint setting and 'sunny' theme. While most of the newer restaurants are either opening in the cities or along the busy coastal areas, Sunny is such a welcome change.

It has both – indoor and outdoor seating. However, during the rains, it's only indoors. The interiors are simple, with a Bajaj Sunny to welcome you at the entrance. As you enter, on your right you find a massive graffiti of the different 'Sunny' personalities we know of! Of special mention here is, if your name is Sunny, or if you go there on a Sunny, you are in for a special discount!

The entrance of Sunny Restobar, Nerul

Interiors of Sunny Restobar, Nerul

Their drinks menu features a variety of cocktails, mocktails and everything else you'd need for a happy meal. They also have some seasonal drinks which aren't on the menu, so make sure you check with the waiter for availability of some cool cocktails! Their special focus is on local drinks and adding seasonal fruits to their drinks, so you are in for a treat if you are a fenni or urrack lover and happen to visit while the stock of the season still lasts! We sure were lukcy *wink*

Getting to the food, the menu is limited, but a lot of focus is on detail. They serve a lot of Goan specials like the Goan fish curry, prawn curry, chicken cafreal, prawn balchao, chicken xacuti and mutton vindalo. However, they do not serve pork and beef! They serve a variety of seasonal fish in a preparation of your choice. What I absolutely loved about their food is the bunch of kebabs – they have them in so many varieties, and everything is amazing!

The kebab platter

Kebab paprika, pesto kebab, chicken tikka, malai kebab and chicken tandoori

Let's get into what I tried off their menu. I began with an assorted kebab platter which consisted of kebab paprika, pesto kebab, chicken tikka, malai kebab and chicken tandoori – all marinated with the right condiments, grilled to perfection and served with salad and chutney.

Their chicken 'ultimate' nachos were loaded with veggies and cheese. I loved them. Not many restaurants in Goa have well-done sesame prawn toast, probably I was just lucky to find a set of delectable sesame toasts that came with a homemade dip presented to us.

Ultimate chicken nachos

Sesame prawn toast

Next up was the tisreo dangar – clam/mussel cutlets. To be honest, I didn't know one can get clam fritters at restaurants. I've eaten fish and meat cutlets and prawn dangars at restaurants serving Goan food. And I absolutely loved the tisreo dangar. Definitely recommended.

Tisreo dangar

We were then served another signature – crispy chicken tenders, which was my favourite part of the afternoon. The tenders were cooked to perfection. After an outstanding meal, I was ready to be blown away by the seradurra – Goan-Portuguese sawdust pudding, made of cream and tea biscuits, which is one of my favourite Goan dessert by far. It was a tough choice picking out of their three desserts – caramel pudding, seradurra and chocolate brownie with ice cream considering I love all three. Oh well, I have a sweet tooth and I love pretty much every dessert, so let’s not get into that!

Crispy chicken tenders


What I love about Sunny Restobar is, it is a no-frills attached kinda place. The focus is on the food – they've kept the menu limited and worked on the quality of food. There is something for every palate. Through their food – mainly the appetisers, they have tried to adapt some exotic flavours into our local preparations and have managed to wonderfully balance it. The service and ambiance is great, making it a perfect place for a get-together or a family lunch/dinner. To end it, let me make a mention of this.. The prices are really really great, especially for the quality of food you're getting! This restaurant in Nerul is worth a Sunday visit. Also don't forget to stop by at Coco beach, the virgin beach just a little distance away!

Coco beach

Hope you guys liked this post. Stay tuned to my Instagram for more food stories.
Love and light.

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