Monday, July 3, 2017

New cafe update: Cafe Morango, Fontainhas - They serve all day English breakfast

So many cafes opening in Panjim, and I'm loving it! For someone who loves walking the bylanes of Fontainhas, finding a quaint cafe tucked away in a corner of Rua 31 de Janeiro is a pleasant sight. Located inside a plush Portuguese colonial maroon bungalow, Cafe Morango is everything you need on a lazy day. Just grab a book and read, or chill with friends at this beautiful place. They're open all through the day with a lunch break from 2.30pm to 4pm.

The beautiful street where Cafe Morango is located inside this pretty maroon bunglow

The eclectic interiors with a colonial touch makes this little cafe all the more wonderful. A lone vintage clock hanging there, a pretty window, pretty lights and a bakery counter stocked with Portuguese-Goan snacks and biscuits. There's a little seating area which can accommodate some twenty odd people at a time. But, since most of the people ask for takeaways, you'll have the space for yourself most of the times.

Delicious beef croquettes 

Scrumptious English breakfast platter which is served all day. And it's for just Rs 150/-  

Their menu includes everything from sandwiches to Goan delicacies like sausage bread and cafreal bread. The bakery is stocked with light bites like beef croquettes, beef chops, sausage pie and so on. You can sip on your coffee, or ask for hot chocolate or iced tea as per your preference. Everything is so reasonably priced. An English breakfast platter complete with chicken sausages, eggs, bread, mashed potato and tomato is priced at Rs 150/-. How cool is that right? When are you heading to Cafe Morango? Do let me know in the comments below if you visit it and like it!

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