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These ice-cream parlours in Goa are reinventing the way you binge on ice-creams and frozen desserts

Though Baskin Robins and Naturals have continued to be our favourites when it comes to ice creams and Gelato Italiano when we crave for a scoop of gelato, these ice cream parlours are now stealing the show with their unique combination of flavours and innovative ways to presenting the dessert which adds to the overall frozen dessert eating experience.

So now it's not just about picking the right flavour, but mixing them together, throwing on some deliciously creamy or crunchy toppings and making an overall cup you'll enjoy. While some are reinventing the techniques of preparation, some are reinventing the use of ingredients by adding gluten free, sugar free, vegan ingredients or infusing alcohol in your otherwise plain flavoured ice cream. How many of these have you tried yet?

#1 Delectable getalos and gelato parfaits at Cream Choc, Anjuna

This cozy parlour in Anjuna serves the best scoops of gelatos and sorbets. They make some fun combos - parfaits, gelato waffle or fruit salads (made with three flavours of gelato, some fresh fruits and toppings) by throwing in some nuts and other toppings. With a wide range of deliciously creamy flavours, Cream Choc can satiate your real gelato cravings. Some iconic flavours you must try are creme brulee, salted caramel, belgian chocolate, vanilla madagascar, cookies and wild strawberry yoghurt.

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#2 Handmade ice cream served in waffle cup at Iceberg Goa, Porvorim 

Though a chain of parlours across the country, Ice Berg has come to Goa only recently. Stationed on Chogm Road, they're known for their unique technology of making ice creams which includes pan recipes, coldstone recipes, dragon smoke recipes and mist recipes with fun flavours and toppings. The freshly made pan rolls made live using flavour paste in pasteurised full cream milk poured on - 40 degree stainless steel pan and the smooth handmade ice cream mixed on a frozen galaxy marble stone served with a bunch of toppings in hand made waffle cups are a must try.

#3 Hand made raw vegan ice creams Hippys Gusto, Arambol

This little ice cream parlour on the busy Arambol street (yes the same street lined with cafes and stalls selling clothes, musical instruments and other things) serves an amazing portion they call raw ice cream. They have a multitude of flavours to pick from. They serve some great vegan, sugar free, healthy ice lollies and pan ice creams. Made on a cold stainless steel pan, the flavours are mixed with your choice of ingredients and nuts to make delicious rolls they serve in a very unique way..and all using natural ingredients.

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#4 Charcoal ice cream at Whipped Brews, Calangute

This little dessert joint is where you should head to while in the busy beach town of Calangute. Though most of the places - shacks and restuarants in Calangute are redundant (except a few quaint cafes), Whipped Brews is like a breath of fresh air. Serving some incredible live ice creams in unqiue flavours and combinations, this is a must-try frozen dessert parlour in the sunny state, The black charcoal ice cream, chocolate brownie rolls and the fruity flavoured live ice creams with colourful toppings and sprinkles are some of the must trys!

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A post shared by Whipped Brews (@whippedbrews) on

#5 Ice cream cakes and ice cream pizzas at Ibaco, Miramar

From ice cream cakes to ice cream pizzas, you can ask for anything made of ice-cream, and the good folks at Ibaco will present them to you. The signature ice cream bars and ice cream cones are also another highlight. What I love about them is the wide range of toppings, trimmings and add-ons. One can choose from a fudge or a bronie to trimmings like sprinkles, jelly, gems and hazelnut sticks among others. That definitely adds to the perfect sundae made of amazing flavoured ice creams!

#6 Sizzling brownie and choco sundae at Havmor, Bicholim

This new Havmor ice cream parlour in Bicholim has some delectable flavours. Some of my favourites are the red velvet, cookies and cream, belgian dark chocolate, choco chips and tender coconut. They also serve a range of ice cream blended shakes and sundaes. Their sizzling brownie with ice cream is a must-try too!

#7 Alcohol infused ice creams at Ice-Cream Man Goa (home delivery and festivals)

The ice cream man has delicious home made ice cream in exotic flavours ranging from chocolate to fruit delights. Though they have limited flavours, their alcohol infused ice creams are the highlight. Currently they have the invulnerable chocolate - jim beam (who doesn't love chocolate, nutella, hazelnut and bourbon whiskey put together right) and the sultry coconut illusion - malibu (tender coconut topped with malibu). You can also pick from their classic flavours like strawberry cheese divinity. The best part is - they take orders and deliver the goodness right at your doorstep!

#8 Frozen yogurt and sugar free ice creams at Flavours24, Panaji and Baga

They serve 24 flavours of ice cream including cotton candy, bubble gum, pina colada, cheesecake, rum, espresso and white chocolate. But the highlight here are the sugar free ice creams and sugar free fruit parfaits (they have options with sugar too). They also serve milkshakes in either one or multiple flavours. Their healthy delectable frozen yogurts however, steal the show.

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Have you tried any of these yet? Which is your favourite parlour and favourite frozen dessert cup? Is there any ice cream parlour or dessert centre I've missed out in this post? Let me know through the comments below!

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