Monday, June 5, 2017

The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

Though I'd complete reading Durjoy Datta books within hours of receiving the copy - in one sitting, reading all day - I couldn't manage to do that when I received my copy of The Boy Who Loved, because, life is more real now, I'm no longer in school or college, and I have stuff to do. So well, here I am, five days after receiving the copy, having read for two hours straight that I managed to complete the book. I also realised that I wrote all of this in two sentences. What's wrong with my head?

Honestly, this isn't the book I hoped to read. What I read was deep, intense and depressing, absolutely unlike what I expected it to be. A not so real story of a young boy growing up somewhere in the nineties. I read through it, until the end, only to be disappointed further, because, everyone dies and no one lives happily ever after. Isn't that what books are supposed to be like?

And here Durjoy is - breaking stereotypes and writing something unlike him. Though he's been doing it post Till The Last Breath, this one was even deeper. Nonetheless, I liked it for the smooth flow of the story, simple yet enchanting storytelling skills and a brilliant plot that made me read it through the end. Will I read it again? No (coming from a #fangirl who's read his books several times)! Would I recommend this to someone else? Yes! Preferably for people who think Durjoy only writes college love stories. Well, here he is moving beyond chic lit. Click on the link below and order the book right away.

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