Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A relaxing red rice massage at Spazure by HoE at Park Regis Goa

So it's officially the onset of the monsoons in Goa. Bye summers, I miss you! It's time to chill now. I hate the rains, and I will rest in my cocoon. I am someone who is usually very active during summers - since I love summers, and hibernate during the monsoon. But before I did that, I wanted to pamper myself for a bit. And what better day than #GlobalWellnessDay to do that.

My weekend began by getting a nice facial on Friday evening. And Saturday was meant for relaxing at the spa and getting the much needed body massage. All the running around during the last month has kinda taken it's toll and I needed to fix it.

So on the evening of June 10, I made my way into the beautiful Park Regis located in Arpora. My first visit to the place, but to visit the spa there - Spazure by Heaven on Earth Wellness.I expected the spa to be somewhere facing the garden or pool. But I was disappointed when I was led into the basement by one of the hotel staff.

A look through their list of services and I noted they offer some brilliant beauty and wellness treatments. Their red rice massage is something unique and I knew I had to get just that. A little reading and I knew this is the first time red rice is introduced in a massage in India. It is a paste made from finely ground and pure red rice mixed with rose water. 

The hour long massage sure was relaxing and rejuvenated me for the week to come. What is also of special mention is how soft and smooth my skin felt after the massage. For those wanting to combine a skin ritual with a body massage or for someone who doesn't prefer an oil based massage, this would be an ideal option. It truly is a chemical free therapy that is rich in antioxidants that make the skin flawless. 

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