Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why May 3 is an important day for me || musings

I never realised May 3 was such an important day in my life. Who remembers dates right? I don't even remember my best friends and families birthdays and anniversaries. So how can one expect me to remember dates? But thanks to Facebook memories, it reminds me of every single day and everything I've done on that day. Though I am not very active on Facebook lately, I still sign in to check my memories from years back. And it's such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for this feature Facebook.

May 3, 2015: I packed my bags and left for Bombay

So getting back to today - two years back, it was on this very day I left for Mumbai, on a pretext of an internship. Well, yes, it was supposed to be an internship and I did manage to complete it. But the real reason was - I wanted to be out in the city on my own just before I tuned 21 and explore the city. Mumbai was a city I was considering to move to after college. I so strongly believed it was a city meant for me and my limitless dreams. It sure was. I found out while I stayed for for a month.

Why I never ended up moving to Bombay for good?

But I never really ended by moving there, because I got placed into a company of my choice, here in Goa and have an amazing boss and team. What else does one want? If I wouldn't get placed here, I'd still consider moving. But no! Life's going just great here - I live at home, get pampered with great food, ride by myself to work and back, have tonnes of friends and live in Goa. Who doesn't love living in Goa? So while everything is perfect right now, do I regret being in Bombay and doing an internship there? No, not at all. It was just a great learning experience which helps me in my life. It doesn't really matter that I didn't move out, I'm happy here. But I'd still love to, some day.

Read about my Bombay internship experience in 2015 here: City Lights : May 2015 | Being Twenty To Being A Grown Up

May 3, 2016: I moved from Mangalore to Goa, for good

Getting back to today - a year back, I left Mangalore to come back to Goa. I detested the city with all my heart. But I still managed to spend two previous years of my life there - studying. Yes, my masters college was in Mangalore and I lived there until I completed the course. Do I regret it? No. I met my best friend, my soul mate when I was there. I met her mother, who was more like a mother to me as well. Someone who cared for me and stood by me throughout. Getting back to the beautiful lady, yesterday was her birthday. Happy birthday woman! I'll see you soon. I'm going back to Mangalore in two weeks, for my convocation. I'm so excited since finally I'll be a post-graduate. Every bad day I spent in Mangalore for two years will eventually make sense!
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