Monday, May 8, 2017

Why every twenty-something lady lifestyle journalist will relate to this movie

I did watch Noor, though friends kept telling me it's a boring movie. For me, no, it wasn't boring. It was a movie I could relate to. After Page 3, this is one movie about a journalist I've seen. I love realistic movies of this sort. They're realistic in the real sense of the term. Life stories are always amazing - way way better than an action, horror or romantic movie.

Oh wait, I love romantic movies too. Romance is a part of life. So it sure becomes a part of every movie. But we do not fight people or encounter paranormal activities in real life. At least I don't. May be some people do, and probably those are people who can relate to a certain type of a movie.

Getting to the point, why did I like Noor? A - it's a women centric movie. B - the protagonist is well in her late twenties and still a junior correspondent at work. Pretty much a story of every journalists life. If you can't make a mark in the first few years of your career, you remain where you began for the rest of your life. So well, relatable. C - getting laid and finding love is always difficult when you're in a field like this and are tomboyish af! No one really finds you attractive. D - there's always that one person who's insanely good to you, and steals your story at the end of it. And you still can't stop being in love with him.

You don't understand what I'm saying unless you're a journalist yourself or know someone who's a journalist and what their life is like. Also, you don't know what I'm saying unless you've seen the movie. Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on it? Comment below and let me know. Also, what's your favourite genre of movies? I love romance. What's yours?

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