Monday, May 1, 2017

Why an engineering student never really becomes an engineer; but an author, musician or a filmmaker instead

While the number of engineers in the market keep increasing, the number of engineering students who never really end up becoming engineers or practicing what they learn are also increasing. We know of the new age authors (oh yes, the engineering graduates and management postgraduates) – the ones who spend years in college to eventually become an author, a photographer or a digital media startup! While we all keep wondering why it is that they always end up choosing off-beat careers, Ritesh Verma offers us a first person view on this.  

#1 Because in four years of engineering we have learned more life lessons than technical knowledge.

While completing the so-called bachelors of technology for four years, we engineers go through a lot of stress and that develops a lot of patience and stress management in us which in turn make us a better observer and admirer of all the small common things which we are privileged to have. This last minute management plays a key role in our development as a better person and sometimes failing teaches us what passing cannot.

#2 Because we do not have a fancy college life like students of other streams.

Endless assignments, everyday new projects, deadlines, poor sex ratio, low placements and scenarios like this leads us  to deep self realisation and give us the courage of doing something unique in our lives something which is off-beat as we do not have anything to lose everything that we do is giving us a new experience and that surely helps us to find the hidden artist in many of us.

#3 Because many of us land up in an engineering college due to peer pressure but not because of interest.

Take all the movies related to an engineer from 2 states to 3 idiots the point which is surely focused is the lack of interest, many engineering students like me land up in an engineering college to satisfy the expectations of society but as we enter the college we know that we are not made for this and this makes us more curious to explore other options where we can excel and where our soul resides.

#4 Because we find traveling as an escape route from the torture.

Those who love writing, filmmaking or photography become travellers automatically as they are the different sides of the same coin. First, we do it to let go of frustration, then we start adapting to it and then a time comes when we know this what we are going to do and we start working on our self-made short term and long term goals.

#5 Because the future is blank apart from a few IIT’s and NIT’s.

Practically speaking we all know our future after college, there are no jobs in the market about 60-70% engineering graduates remain unemployed and if you exempt a few colleges there are many who are just fooling students and creating a false hype and if you are a mechanical engineer then God save you. This shortage in jobs gives us a kick start to our journey of becoming an artist then whatever it may be dancer, singer, painter, writer, director or an actor.

About the Author:
Ritesh Verma is an engineering student who is passionate about everything creative. He's an ardent traveller, film maker and author who has won several accolades. His latest release is Mystical Emotions. You can buy it here:

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