Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Don't worry, someone will come your way and love you exactly the way you imagined

When I was younger, I kept wondering what it would be like to fall in love, to be in love. You know those teenage fantasies of finding the perfect lover? I waited until seventeen until I gave in to someone who asked me out. But well, though it seemed it was worth the wait, it lasted only a few years. The end terrified me, because I was convinced that fairytales end with a happily-ever-after.

But when reality stuck and I knew that never is the case, I took years to let it sink in completely. I couldn't really believe that I lived a lie all my life. I never understood why I felt that the perfect love existed. Life wasn't ever the same. But, I learnt one big life lesson then. To love myself more. To work on myself better. Because, if you love yourself enough, eventually there'll come someone who'll love your imperfect self, just the way you'd want him to.

While more often than not we imagine what our perfect love story would be like, we fail to understand that someone out there is thinking the same way too. While we are wondering what our first date will be like, there's someone out there imagining the first date in an entirely different way. What if he loves football and you love movies? What if you're a wine person and he's a beer person? What if you love burgers and he loves Mediterranean food? What if he's a dog person and you're a cat person? What if he loves going on drives and you love the bike? What if... 

While we often spend time imagining what kinda guy we'd want to be with, we do not work on becoming the woman the particular guy would want to date. Every person is different and everyone's preferences change. Choices change. Priorities change. Situations change. Circumstances change. Life changes. So does love. If someone loves you in a certain way one day, he won't love you the same way all your life - the sooner you understand that the better. 

Expectations is the killer of most relationships. And expectations are a result of all the imaginations we've been wasting time on since years. What would the first kiss be like? *a weird definition in the head* What is it actually like? Slurpyy, gross, wetter then you expect. It does get better with time, and practice. But it's nothing close to what you imagined. What's the perfect date going to be like? *he hold the door open for you* You - *wtf! Why does he think I can't open the door myself* Exactly why it's difficult to find the perfect match. 

But I believe, somewhere out there, there exists a person, who will enter your life and love you exactly the way you imagined. He must probably be stuck in traffic or jumping off a cliff or making a pizza right now, oblivious of your existence. But someday, one day, the two of you will cross paths and you'll just click. And live happily-ever-after. Until then work on becoming the person you wish to be. Focus on your goals, your life. And become worthy of the person you wish to be with. 

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