Tuesday, May 16, 2017

20 facts about me || Things I bet you didn't know about me

People usually tend to judge me by seeing pictures I post on Instagram. I get so many DMs of people saying - hey I didn't know you liked this, hey i didn't expect to see you here. I'm just a twenty something Goan girl who enjoys everything a twenty something girl would like, or may be not. Here are some things about me I bet you didn't know..well, most of it!

#1 I'm insanely moody, and grumpy most of the times. The smiles you see in my pictures are fake.

#2 I loose friends too soon. I ask people extremely close to my heart to fuck off and realise the damage done only later. But people who are 'real' friends stay anyways.

#3 I'm a postgraduate! Though I do not really use the degree (since I ain't teaching), but I still completed a Masters in Communication and Media Studies from St Aloysius College because my mom wanted me to be a post graduate.

#4 I'm a hopeless romantic. Though I pretend to be all cool about flings and ons, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.

#5 I love Bollywood movies. Though it means getting judged for my bad choice in films, I should admit I love Bollywood drama movies. I do not watch Hollywood movies. I decide whether I have to watch the movie by watching the trailer and reading about the movie. Though people believe it spoils the surprise, I like it that way.

#6 I love bikes. Though I ain't a biker chic yet, I want to be one someday. Soon. Hopefully. Riding is something I really really love and enjoy.

#7 I fear solo travel. Though I've done substantial amount of solo travel, I've fucked up too often to do it very often. Also I'm not really great with people, so solo travel is so difficult.

#8 I'm socially very awkward. I'm an absolute introvert. Though it seems like I'm all over the place, I ain't. I always have a friend tag along to every event or party I go to, even if it's work related stuff. I'm absolutely awkward with people.

#9 I love chocolate and dessert. People who are close to me know my endless love for chocolate and dessert. I have a sweet tooth. I usually enjoy every kind of chocolate and many types of dessert as well.

#10 I am very fussy about food. I only eat good food. I am also a hardcore non-vegetarian who eats non-veg for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

#11 I do not drink chai. And I don't like coffee either. I love iced tea and green tea. I'm a sucker for flavoured teas and herbal teas as well. But chai, never! Also, no coffee usually. But if there's no option, I don't mind coffee. But chai (tea with milk in it), never!

#12 I do not know to drive. Though I tried driving, I find it extremely difficult to figure out where the car is going. I prefer riding a scooter around and enjoy the wind in my hair instead.

#13 I love reading. Romance fiction novels to be honest. But I enjoy reading blogs and newspapers as well.

#14 Nicholas Sparks is my favourite international author. I love Jean Sasson as well. She writes non-fiction, but I love her books. Have you read the Princess series?

#15 I love Durjoy Datta. I have no idea why, he's someone I've been crushing over ever since I'm 14...when I came across his first book. I have read all his books and I have this weird connection with him through his books. He's also inspired and influenced my thoughts on relationships, friendships, love and commitment. A lot of it. Almost all of it!

#16 I be crushing on a new guy almost every week. And they are just that, crushes. Nothing more! I find almost every third guy cute. Pretty much everyone who has a beard is cute according to me. Tattoos and Bikers are hot as well.

#17 I do not find men with hot body actually sexy. Men who have a way with words, loves similar things as I do, enjoys traveling, has a beard and is charming is sexy to me. Good looks do not count.

#18 I do not work out. I've just mastered the right angles to pose for pictures which gives an illusion of me being slimmer.

#19 I do not like music. I don't know why! People usually love music, or at least listen to music occasionally. I never do. Am I normal?

#20 I do not have a boyfriend. Because I feel having one kinda restricts you from doing a lot of things which you usually would if you didn't have one. Having said that, I have had a serious boyfriend. He's engaged now, and I'm absolutely happy for him since I ain't gonna 'settle down' anytime soon anyways.

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Photo credits: Viraj Koragaonkar for Vixels
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