Thursday, April 13, 2017

The pizza story || Piccola Roma, Vagator, Goa

One of those leisurely Sunday rides led us to this quaint little place Piccola Roma in Vagator. I was told about the pizzeria, but never really ended up visiting. So I utilised this occasion to sample a few things off their menu.

The restaurant, located just a few minutes drive from the beach, has a great vibe to it. We sat at the extreme end - somewhat like an outdoor seating overlooking a quintessential Portuguese colonial villa painted in hues of bright blue and white. A Vespa parked right there kinda complemented this wonderful view.

Though it was hot, and humid - as Goa is during summers, we heartily enjoyed our meal and chilled over lemon iced teas - not one of the best I've had, but something pretty good. A quick scan through the bar menu and we knew we could pick a glass of wine of a fancy mocktail, but I preferred sticking to the iced tea and decided to focus on the food instead.

Piccola Roma has an impressive variety of pizzas. The thin crust wood fired pizzas come in two sizes - 8 inches and 12 inches. They have everything from an authentic Italian fare to a more localised version of the pizza to suit the Goan pallet. The Goan chorizo (pork sausage) pizza and the chicken cafreal pizza caught my fancy.

Since we were just the two of us, we opted for one large chicken cafreal pizza. And was I impressed? One of the finest pizzas I've had lately. Chicken chunks marinated in cafreal masala added the desired spice to the topping, while the buffalo mozzarella and tomato sauce did not overpower the taste of the Goan style chicken.

They have a variety of pastas and lasagnas as well. I love pastas usually, but I stick to alfredo penne or spaghetti or lasagna if I'm in mood for something extremely cheesy. But at Piccola Roma, I let my instinct decide and opted for something I hadn't tried before. And I was super impressed with  the Ai Porcini Tortellini.

The tortellini apparently is the most popular Italian pasta variety stuffed with a delicious blend of chicken, pork, beef, ham and Italian aromatic herbs served in the cream of Italian mushroom, garlic, parsley and a drizzle of olive oil. I haven't really tried real Italian food, but I believe the one I tried at Piccola Roma was pretty much authentic with the creamy mix and subtle flavour.

Though I loved the food and I was literally stuffed, I knew I hadn't had enough of the place. I had to try dessert - at least one of them. Though I wanted both - the tiramisu and pannacotta, I knew I wouldn't be able to finish both considering I had eaten enough already. So I asked for the pannacotta with chocolate sauce and I was served the creamiest pannacotta ever!

This deliciously light and creamy classic Italian dessert - a milk cream pudding drizzled with chocolate sauce is everything you need to satiate your sweet tooth after a hearty Italian meal. Until next time... Stay tuned for more food stories or follow my life on Instagram! Much love xoxo

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