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Sunday chill scenes || Arambol beach + shopping in Arambol + drum circle

So I finally got myself to sit and write this long pending post. Arambol beach is one of my most favourite beaches in Goa. To be honest, all the beaches on that stretch - Morjim, Ashwem, Mandrem, Arambol and Querim beaches are my favourite. 

My love affair with the village of Arambol began as a child. We have relatives in the village and they have a house on the beach. Yes, literally! It's an old giant house. Back in the day, fisher folks lived very close to the beach. And these guys, they have some massive fishing trawlers till date. Even though I've never gone fishing with them, 

I have spent plenty of time at the beach. It's not the commercial beach - it was more of a private beach, a family beach of the hippies. There would be tonnes of foreign tourists just sunbathing as their pretty kids would run around playing! The main beach - the Arambol beach, was just a little distance away. A walkable distance, and we'd go there often too. But it was crowded all the time. That's that!

The previous Sunday, I went to Arambol beach with my cousin - just to chill! We spent our afternoon at the Famafa Resort, just a two minutes walk from the Arambol Beach, just lounging, eating and catching up! 


At around 5 pm we went around the shopping street to check out the market before we headed to the beach. The busy street is lined with stalls selling clothes, musical instruments, swimwear and food!

It's pretty much similar to all beach shopping streets, but this one is more earthy. You spot a lot of foreign tourists with families and pets which isn't a common sight at all the beaches. You occasionally spot a few Indian tourists zooming past the narrow lane on their yellow-number-plate rented scooters, but not as many as the ones you find at the popular beaches like Calangute and Baga.

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The trick obviously is to bargain, but they do not budge much from their prices unlike the way they do in the Calangute-Candolim stretch. The stuff however, is a lot better. I absolutely loved the suede boots and fringed bags. The musical instruments is the bomb here. We stopped by to check for prices and learn to play one and we were told it costs 9k.


Arambol is known for it's vegan cafes and vegan food owning to the number of foreign tourists who come there to practice yoga and spirituality, and prefer vegan food. So I had made my mind to try some here!

We already had lunch, so we weren't looking to eat more. But I wouldn't mind some dessertor a quick snack. Five minutes walk and we land at this little cafe cum ice-cream parlour sort of an outlet called Hippies Gusto.

A quick look through their menu and I knew it's a vegan cafe. They have two outlets right besides each other - one's a cafe and one's an ince-cream parlour. We stopped by at the ice-cream parlour for some vegan ice cream. While my cousin opted for a banana-cashew (I guess), I went in for a chocolate-banana (I am sure) which was presented in a bowl made of a coconut shell.

The ice-cream was made right there and the rolls served fresh. Priced at Rs 150/-, this was my first ever time trying vegan food. I do not know what to say - may be I should eat some more vegan food to totally understand its essence and adapt to it! I had a great time anyways.


The Arambol beach is one of the not-so-popular-among-Indian-tourists kinda beach, precisely a reason I like it. It's a 40 minute drive through the quaint village of Siolim surrounded with hills and colonial houses, the coastal towns of Morjim and Ashvem and Mandrem beach.

As you enter Arambol, you are traversed into what you presume hippie Goa originally was. Probably it was like that or not, I am not sure. But whatever is left of it, is pretty interesting. You cross the church and the shopping street (I mentioned above) as you ride/drive towards the beach. There is very less parking (read: no parking) space. So it's better to have a bike instead of a car!

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As you walk towards the beach you cross a couple of beach shacks set up just a few metres away from the shore. As you get on to the sand - one side is the rocky beach and the sweet water lake (which I haven't been to yet) and on the other side is where the drum circle happens.


What actually drawed me to Arambol that day was the drum circle. I've intended to go there ever since a long time, but never ended up going! Why? Just for the experience, just to soak in the vibe and witness it.

It's just a bunch of music and dance lovers who come together for joyful celebration of rhythm. They play all sorts of drums - entirely immersed in it sitting at the far end of the beach as the sun goes down. Every day during sunset, there's this bunch of people who sit together - playing the drums, dancing and enjoying the vibe.


The Arambol flea market is a seasonal market that is set up only during the tourist season. It's just going to be there for a few more weeks, until we see all of the amazing vendors next year! There are around twenty vendors selling handmade arty jewellery, semi-precious stones and other knickknacks. They're very friendly and welcoming and just chatting with them is fun as well!


I do not know of anyone who doesn't love the sunsets. The one at Arambol is nothing different, obviously! I had a great time watching the sun go down. If you know my love for sunsets, you understand what I mean. Also, see this (unedited, non-filtered) photograph to understand what I mean.


If you are planning to stay at the beach, there are these extremely pretty beach huts. I returned back the same night after dinner, but you surely can stay back if you wish to. How much fun can living on the beach be?

There are plenty of shacks on the beach - so food isn't a problem. In the evening, all the shacks are lit up with lanterns, fairy lights and candles on every table. We stopped by at a shack called Negi Shack since we didn't really know which one to go to. Many shacks had live music performances going on as well.

Even if there isn't any entertainment going on, I am sure you will still have a great time! The shacks are comparative less crowded in the nights, obviously, who eats at a beach shack in the night? The view during the day is so much better! But whatever, we ended our day on a happy note with some great fresh fruit juices and yumm food!

Hope you guys liked this post! This is a video my friend put up about the Arambol drum circle in Goa. Have a look!

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