Saturday, March 11, 2017

Summer #ootd in Goa - Beach dress || What I wore to Day 3 of the fashion week

 Photo credits: Dev

No, I haven't been posting a lot on the blog. From a few posts a week the frequency of my posts have fallen to just a few posts a month. But no, I don't regret it. I have a primary job besides the blog, and I am focusing on that. It takes a lot of my time, and energy and I am pretty much left exhausted by the end of the week.

I have stories to do, events to attend, people to chase, pages to do and other miscellaneous stuff that one needs to do as a journalist. I enjoy every bit of the hustle. Precisely the reason I don't regret not being able to post often. But I am hoping you are still reading this. If you are, thank you! It's the love that keeps me going.

The last week has been crazy - literally! I was ready for it. Precisely why I spent my Sunday chilling at Arambol beach with my cousin at her resort by the beach. If you aren't aware, the fashion week began on Monday. I was there the last season as well and it was a lot fun.

This time was sure fun as well. I went there on all three days, attended most of the show and met a lot of awesome people. I met this amazing photographer I follow on Instagram, a senior lifestyle journalist I adore, a model I admire and many many people!

This was what I wore to the last day of the fashion week. The first two days had me wearing pretty regular stuff - a StalkBuyLove dress with booties on Day 1 and shorts with an Indo-western top on Day 2. It's nothing much - I've put photos on Instagram - check them out if you would like!

But I loved this look and had to share it here. It's more of an easy-breezy beach look. Considering it was a beach fashion week at a beachside property, it was pretty apt. Since it commenced in the afternoon and went on to pretty late it the night, I wasn't very sure it'd go well, but I wore it nonetheless. I threw on this pair of fancy rose-gold sunnies and ankle strap flats from StreetStyleStore to complete my summer look!

The fashion week venue was right across office. So I'd dress up in office - dab on some makeup and change within fifteen minutes and get going. My editor would smile at me - seeing me transformed within minutes before I head out. One quick meeting discussing the stories I could possibly do, and I would get going.

Hope you like the pictures. I am going to try to stay more frequent on the blog. But meanwhile, you can stay tuned to my Instagram.. because, that's where all the action happens! Also, a big thank you to everyone who follows me on Instagram, I've crossed 12k followers and I am grateful for that!

Photos: Satyen Naik
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