Monday, February 27, 2017

This is what I wore to my cousins wedding || Goa wedding #ootd

Hey guys

Been really long since I last posted. But here I make myself sit down and type (well, I'm typing on my phone) about the recent wedding in the family! I don't put up my family a lot on the blog - but since we had a wedding may be you can see a bit of it. You'll met my Bombay family in this post about the roadtrip to Karjat. Some of them were in Goa for the wedding as well, besides my Goa family.

So the Goan weddings aren't as grand as the North Indian weddings, but they are one of its kind. Agree with me or not, but to me Catholic weddings are mystical. The dreamy set up, wedding gown, exchanging of the wedding bands, wedding vows in the church, the wedding march, raising of the toast, cutting of the cake, the first dance and the first kiss. Every thing is such a beautiful experience in itself, for those getting married and those witnessing the wedding.

Most of the rituals that happen have been passed down since ages. This wedding in particular, was a proper traditional Goan wedding, with a little modern touch to it. I'm sure they didn't have a garden hall booked for the wedding during the olden times. Wedding receptions usually happened at home itself. But a lot of the traditions were seen in this wedding and I'll show you whatever I can. We don't usually have a lot of weddings in the family, the last one was three years back. Now that we had a wedding last weekend, I'll tell you what it was like.

The Roas is a tradition where the bride and the groom are required to bathe in coconut milk at their respective residences. The whole familoy came together on the previous day for Roas which symbolises purification and signals the end of spinsterhood and bachelorhood. it got a little nasty with eggs!

The wedding day begins with the dressing up and blessings at home before heading to the church where weeding vows and wedding bands are exchanged in presence of a priest and witnesses. Once that's done, the family heads home to welcome the bride home!

Once that's done, everyone heads to the reception venue - which in this case was an open-air venue decorated with fairy lights, drapes and light installations. The wedding began with th wedding march, with showering on confetti, before the bride and the groom along with their families gathered around the centre table for the cake cutting.

Then it was time for the toast. Once done, everyone disperses and the first dance commences. Soon, everyone joins on the dance floor! The live band changes tracks and we have everyone else grooving to hip-hop, jive and fast numbers, before they disperse for dinner! The next day we all went to the brides place for pottone!

Wedding #ootd ||  Dress: Aashima Behl label 

Reception #ootd ||  Dress: StalkBuyLove

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