Thursday, January 12, 2017

When Goa gets a taste of India | Lokotsav Foodtrail

Let me be very honest with this - it was my first time at Lokotsav this year. Even though this is the eighteenth edition of the cultural and folk festival, I have no idea why I never went there all these years. This year again, I had no plans of going there, but was literally dragged there by my friend Kimberly. Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you are aware of all our food moments together. Having a foodie friend indeed is making me fat!

Getting back to Lokotsav... Besides the array of clothes, handcrafted items and other things on display, they have a little food court which caught my attention. I did end up trying a bit of the food. They have a variety of stalls from different parts of India serving street food and sweetmeats which one could probably only savour when one travels to the place.
But Lokotsav got many of these local halwais and chaat vendors from all over the country under one roof - for ten whole days! There was the Rajasthani stall selling numerous variants of chaats, most of which aren't heard of in Goa, like dahi papdi chaat, paneer tikki chaat, dahi vada and papri chaat. The Gujarati stall has Gujju delicacies like dhokla, thepla, kadi, khakra, fafda and dabeli. The Lucknow stall had the most delicious lassi I've ever had, besides other Indian sweets like rasgullas, rassmalai and gulab jamun. The rassmalai was to die for, trust me on this!

The Haryanwi 'Jalebiyas' were the bomb! They made the jalebis right there in Amul ghee and served them piping hot to the crowd. Oh wait, they weren't the regular yellow-orange jalebis we find at sweetmarts in Goa. These were giant brown jalebis. Yummm! Besides, there were Goan stalls serving traditional Goan food as well, but I happily skipped those and treated myself to aloo tikki chaat, dahi vada chaat, lassi, rasmalai and ended my foodtrail with jalebis!
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