Friday, January 6, 2017

Voluptuous burgers at Route 66, Panaji, Goa

A little river facing restaurant along Rua de Ourem, Route66 serves some world class American food. Even though this place run by Chef Savio Noronha has been in operation since a couple of years, I landed at their doorstep only a few weeks ago. Blogger Jade D’sa from That Goan Girl and I had a pending meetup, and we decided to go grab lunch somewhere in Panaji – that’s when she suggested we check out Route 66 and I obliged since my friends were raving about their gigantic meat burgers.

There’s nothing great about the ambiance. The entrance is pretty great though – there’s this wooden staircase you pass with paintings, which opens to the restaurant on first floor. It has a bar counter and wooden chairs and tables. There’s a river facing balcony and large windows that kind of makes it a good option for lunch. I am yet to check out the place in the night though!
The Route 66 Burgers
The Route 66 menu is varied and pretty confusing too. We did not drink since it was afternoon, however, we opted for a mocktail and a milkshake each. The Brownie Milkshake was as per my expectations. I love brownie milkshakes generally, and it did not disappoint. A delicious glass of ice cream and homemade brownie with chocolate genache. The Virgin Pinacolada was great as well – perfect creamy blend of coconut with pineapple and lime served chilled for the moderately hot afternoon!
Brownie Milkshake
Virgin Pinacolada
Getting to the food, we began with Drums of Hell – deep fried chicken wings tossed in their homemade sauce. We had two variations of the chicken wings though – one served with their hell hot homemade hell sauce and the next bunch was deliciously coated in BBQ sauce. Next was the BBQ Pork Ribs – succulent, smoky pork ribs tossed in BBQ sauce. The BBQ Pork Ribs served with fries were delicious as well.
Drums of Hell
BBQ Pork Ribs with fries
Chicken Wings in hell sauce
Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce
What came next was the bomb! The legendary Route 66 BURGERS! They sure are known for their steaks, pastas and other items – but the burgers sure were on my list of must-try. We had two burgers – Hell Boy and Wolverine, both served with amazing fries. The fries are amazing, trust me! Hell Boy is this giant burger with grilled beef patty, smothered with their homemade Hell sauce, pickled jalapenos, Cajun spice and topped with crisp onion rings. This one is flaming hot.
Route 66 Burgers - Wolverine and Hellboy
The Wolverine is sure the second best burger I’ve had – the first one being the ones from the annual Legendary Burger Festival at Hard Rock CafĂ©, Pune. But they’re all chicken burgers. This Route 66 burger has beef, pork and chicken. How cool is that? It consists of a grilled beef patty topped with rashes of bacon, grilled hot dog, chipotle chillies, adobo sauce and jalapenos.
We were too stuffed by this time and decided to skip the desserts. The brownie ice cream shake in itself is thick and large, the burgers voluptuous. Trust me, the servings are big. So order accordingly. Second word of caution, when they say spicy and hell hot, it actually is spicy. So get that customised according to your palate. Happy hoggin’

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