Friday, December 16, 2016

Why 2016 was amazing | Best memories from the year gone by

As 2016 comes to a close, I can't help but stop and smile at all the good memories of 2016. It's just been a regular year with a lot of ups and downs and lots of surprises, but I did live it to the fullest. Here are the best memories from the year gone by:

#1 I got inked!

Not once... but twice! Something I've wanted to do in the longest time! Finally I got a tattoo in April 2016 and another one two weeks later. If you have missed out on that post check my wrist tattoo and nape tattoo.

#2 I got out of college!

Not my greatest achievement, but I did manage to fly out from college with a decent percentage. Yes! I completed my thesis and projects in time along with doing everything random and managed to secure a Masters degree.

#3 I secured my first job!

Not just a job, but I job I wanted. I haven't said this out loud, but my closest friends knew how badly I wanted to be a part of the company I work for now. Not just did I secure a job there - very randomly - but got the beat I wished for. And found a super cool team head who makes work life so much more fun and interesting!

#4 My blog crossed 100k readers!

Yes, you awesome people made this happen. People who have been so supportive all throughout, who continue to encourage and love me even when I mess up! And my Instagram crossed 10k followers. Follow me there, if you don't follow me yet!

#5 My blog got listed in Top 10!

The biggest achievement of this blog. Within eight months of starting it, the blog and I got listed in the list of Top 10 Food Bloggers in Pune. How happy was I?

#6 I covered my first ever major fashion week!

Even though I missed out on both the editions of Lakme Fashion Week - which sure is the dream - I did manage to attend India Beach Fashion Week 2016 (amongst others) and it was so much fun. The feeling of watching shows by sitting in the front row, meeting so many people I would be fangirling over all these years and dressing up for the fashion week was one amazing experience!

#7 I met so many amazing people!

I learnt to stand up for myself, give up on people and move on. From someone who gave too much importance to feelings and love, I became a more practical person. Also, meeting all the amazing people who added so much positivity in my life was such a blessing. I did meet some of the most inspiring people who created such an impact in my life during this year.

#8 I travelled alone
For the first time in my life, I packed my bag, hopped on the flight and travelled alone. Here's a bit about the trip! I also went on a road trip with my best friend and it was one amazing experience.
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