Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trends we were addicted to in 2016 | Year end trend report

2016 was a good year - a good year for fashion and trends. Everything from chokers to experimental denims, and everything in between that was trending is summed up in this post. I'm sure you've teamed up one of those pretty chokers with an off shoulder dress. And paired a slip dress with your white sneakers. Even if you aren't a fashionista, I'm sure you have at least one of these pieces in your closet which you've worn more than once. Scroll down to see all that was trending in 2016!

#1 Chokers
They weren't just a trend. They were an obsession. Probably still are. From the simple ones to the elegant lacy ones to the ones with pretty pedants, everything about the choked emanates good vibes.

#2 Off shoulder
It was not until mid 2016 that I realised the off-shoulder trend is here to stay. Right from tops, crops, tees to dresses and gowns, this shoulder bearing element makes any garment look elegant. The whimsical cold shoulder became a rage for a bit too, but we conveniently stuck to our favourite off-shoulder.

#3 White Sneakers
Another trend that has been passed down to 2016 from 2015, and will probably stay until 2017 and beyond is the white sneaker trend. It's redefined beauty stereotypes and styling options. These versatile pair of shoes have been paired with literally everything, and how cool is that? A slip dress with white sneakers! A skater dress with white sneakers! The basic denim and tee with white sneakers! The pretty skirt with white sneakers! The hot pants with white sneakers! The saree dress with white sneakers! You name it, and we've worn white sneakers with it!

#4 Experimental denims
While we came into 2016 with our ripped jeans, they stayed, with slight alternations throughout. From a little bit of rip, they went to the hot boyfriend jeans. Mom jeans with pretty patchwork on it became a hit as well. Not to forget the slit denims! Everything spelled comfort and style. Paired with everything from a slit top to crop top, plaid shirt or t-shirt dress, it redefined casual!

#5 Slip dress
Comfort taken to an altogether different level. The slip dress sure made me get over my shorts obsession. Something not-so-formal, yet so pretty for a brunch or evening out. Paired with sneakers, with a jacket or shirt dress over it, or a t-shirt underneath, it looked as cool as ever!

#6 Capes
Capes and kimonos were such a hit this year. It prepped up every outfit - may it be a simple denim and tee or a T-shirt dress. We had so many colours, styles, fabrics and prints to pick from!

#7 Bomber Jacket
I don't really know when this wardrobe essential became a trend. But suddenly all the high-end street style stores started stocking bomber jackets in so many varieties that you can't stop falling instantly in love with at least one.

#8 Fishnet Stockings and Tights

A relatively new trend (which I am yet to try) - the fishnet stockings and tights is adding all the necessary edge to the fashion scene. Wear it under a skater dress or t-shirt dress and pair it with boots for a chic look. Or wear it below your ripped jeans or a pair of shorts for a sporty chic look! The trend is here to stay, for good!
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