Monday, December 12, 2016

Top picks from Sun, Sand & Flea by Pop It Up at Goa Marriott Resort

The flea market culture in Goa has been there since half a century now. The flea markets that began during the onset of the hippie influx in Goa has now been converted into contemporary marketplaces where home businesses can exhibit and sell their ware. From chic clothes, handmade jewellery, junk jewellery, handcrafted home decor and lighting, paintings and wall hangings, food and so on, one can find so much at the 100+ stalls at the one or two day event. The recently concluded Sun, Sand and Flea by Pop It Up at Goa Marriott Resort was the third edition of the Pop It Up that was usually held at Taleigao Community Hall. Here are my top picks - the quirkiest items from the pop up exhibition cum sale:

Quirky badges and cards by A Tiny Alisha

Pendants with real flowers in the crystal by Alokik Goa

 Glowing home decor bottles by Bitschbits

 Dottles - Customised bottles you can doodle on by Chiaroscuro

 Quirky handcrafted jewellery boxes by Craft Stories

Pretty dolls by With Love From Russia 

 Delectable dessert counter by Goa Marriott

Organic lip balms by Lip Island

  Quirky handmade kettles and bottles by Kibu

Handcrafted lampshades by Lotus Lamshades

 Paintings by LSD Comics

Cowbell necklaces by Nonsense Curry

Pretty indoor plants by Perky Little Things

Assorted tea by Tea Trunk

 Paper cards and gift boxes by Feelings


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