Saturday, December 10, 2016

#ootd Ripped Dungaree & Neon Shoes ft. Handcrafted Jewellery from Alokik Goa

Hello people!

I decided to put up an #ootd post since I really loved how this outfit looked when I randomly put it together. Winters are here and denim dungarees look pretty good this season. To pep up the rugged outfit a little, I added a burst of colour with these cool neon yellow shoes and handmade jewellery from Alokik Goa.

This pretty customised neckpiece with my name on it has my heart. The infinity choker and a pretty keychain with so many charms on them... all put together by these young duo - Sara Kirlapalkar and Mallaika Kamat, 18-year-old's from Goa who randomly experimented with DIY's and realised they can make masterpieces with a little bit of effort.

The trinkets which they call 'art jewellery' due to the sheer amount of creativity and crafting skill that goes into include everything from chokers, pendants, necklaces, hanging and stud earrings, anklets, bracelets to badges for bag packs. They use innovative techniques and are contsanly experimenting with materials like with clay, glass, resin, bottle caps, seashells, dried flowers, lace, decoupage, inks, etc. The fanciest one is a set of pendants made with a real flower in a crystal!

The best part about them is, they ask for your ideas and customise the jewellery to meet your taste albeit adding an element of their creativity to make an end product that takes you by surprise. They're spotted at all pop up exhibitions in Goa. But just in case you need to check out any of their work, you can head to their Instagram or Facebook store and place your orders or write to them at to get your orders customised and mailed to your doorstep! Happy shopping!!! Also, follow me on InstagramRoposo, Facebook and Twitter for all things fun!
Photos by: Ghananil Naik

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