Sunday, December 4, 2016

Food delivered home straight from Place of Origin

Shopping online is my favourite thing to do. A lot of the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe have got there from an online marketplace. But I found this cool new online marketplace which is an extension to the brand Craftsvilla - but this one is different. They deliver food - local food from all over the country - to your doorstep. Place of Origin as the name suggests delivers the finest of the produce from local dealers, sweetmarts, bakeries, etc. from all over India.

My experience with them have been really good. You can browse through the several categories of food they have - Indian desserts (mithai), chocolates, cakes, Indian snacks (namkeens), biscuits, cereals, oats, dry fruits, pickles, sauces, jam, masalas, mixes, tea, coffee, spices and herbs. Right from rasgullas from the finest mart in Kolkata to the filter coffee from gardens of munnar - they have everything.

These are the three things I got from Place of Origin and I was stunned by the quality of the products. I did not expect it to be crisp and fresh. First up was the packet of dryfruit muesli from Raman Vithaldas, dryfruit merchants with a legacy of over 60 years. The delicious mix of cereal with whole almonds, raisins, nuts combined with quality oats and cereal made for a healthy snacking experience.
Second up was the Kolhapuri Bhadang which came straight from the streets of Kolhapur. Also known as murmure or kurmure, the bhadang has got a garlicky flavour, with spices and lots of peanuts making it a crunchy snack. I also got a box of Whole What and Oats Pancake Mix from Beanfree Gourmet Food which I am yet to try.

What followed a couple of days later was a one kilo tin of the best Calcutta Rasgullas I've ever had. Trust me when I say this. Now I know why they say 'No one makes Bengali sweets the way they do in Bengal.' Every bite of this succulent delicious sweet dumpling satisfies your sweet tooth cravings with an authentic flavour. And Balaram's - from where the 'rosogullas' came have been known to be in business since 1885!
I shall keep you posted on Instagram as and when I try them. You can shop all these products and others online at Place of Origin!

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