Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rustic French cafe in the heart of Panaji city - Black Vanilla Goa

Rustic places like these are my favourite. Even though many of my friends like swanky restaurants or cozy beach shacks, for me, these quaint cafes are everything. This post, and the one after this, are about my first experience at these cafes where I left a piece of my heart. Right inside the capital city, I had them on my must-check-out-restaurants list since a long time - ever since my friend Prathamesh was raving about them. Initially I found it funny how anyone can talk so favourably about a place in spite of visiting time and again. But eventually when I set foot in Black Vanilla on a Sunday night, I knew this is the first of the many times I'm going to come here.

Black Vanilla is an arty little place located bang opposite the exit gate of Kala Academy. The very fact that it's located right next to my favourite book store - Crossword makes it even more appealing. It's just a simple place, with large glass doors. As you enter you notice a bakery counter serving scrumptious European delicacies, while the rest of the cafe is lined with wooden stools and tables. The arty staircase and lighting is another highlight.

We placed our order and went upstairs. A beautifully set place is what welcomed me. Colonial glass windows, pretty decor comprising of beautiful electric lanterns and paintings, and the wooden book tree in the corner is what caught my attention. I absolutely loved what I saw in front of me.

As I was soaking in the vibe, my cup of Americano soon arrived. Yes, pretty quick! Bliss on a cold winter night. When most of my friends were out partying, here I was sipping coffee at this new Cafe I was checking out. The food - pork burger - soon arrived. Without wasting time I relished it. As I left the place, I knew I was coming here again, and again! Until next time...

A photo posted by Flexcia D’souza (@flexcia_dsouza) on

A photo posted by Flexcia D’souza (@flexcia_dsouza) on

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