Monday, October 24, 2016

Afternoon at this beautiful beach side restaurant | Thalassa, Vagator, Goa

I have taken it upon myself to check out all the places people are raving about, just for the experience, just to make sure they aren't lying. So I ended up at Thalassa on a sunny October afternoon. No, it wasn't a planned trip. Was pretty random when we were riding towards Anjuna and decided to go to Vagator instead and chill at a shack. But we ended up in Little Vagator and decided to head to Thalassa, just like that.

To be honest, this concept restaurant didn't disappoint one tad bit. It's all white and so bright. Or perhaps the afternoon itself was so bright. As one enters you cross the fancy boutique and handicrafts stores selling pretty clothes and accessories. Even though I didn't enter, I did glance through it from the large glass walls.

Thalassa - The Greek Taverna, as it's called, is a beach restaurant so popular among tourists. It's right next to another over hyped place - Antares, the beach restaurant by Australian masterchef Sarah Todd, a relatively new restaurant compared to Thalassa. Set right against the extremely pretty and secluded Small Vagator Beach, Thalassa is a concept place serving some swanky gourmet Greek inspired food. The drinks menu runs long leaving the patrons wondering what they should opt for.

I wasn't up for any experimentation, since I had a working evening that Sunday. So I opted for the classic Long Island Iced Tea, my all time favourite. The glass, not as tall as I expected had a pretty decently mixed cocktail. Even though the drink wasn't that impressive, the food sure was. After going through the entire menu for a bit, I asked for Chicken Meat Balls and Fried Calamari. The food menu, I must mention is so widespread for a themed Mediterranean and Greek restaurant. Even though a lot of it is off the grill, there are a wide variety of options in kebabs, steaks, soup, starters, meat and seafood.
I was pretty impressed by the presentation and taste of the food, but I must add, the quantity is really less for the price you pay. The Fried Calamari, batter fried squid rings served with tartar sauce were crispy, but a little rubbery. The meat balls however were really soft, with a slight crunch on the outside, again served with tartar sauce and garnished with herbs and tomatoes. I would chose to not comment on the food until I go again and try some more items, but I am really in love with the place. It's set against such a beautiful location, is so aesthetically done - all white, everything - tables, chairs and curtains. An amazing place to just relax, unwind and watch the sun go down with your near and dear ones!

And some more pics from the day.....

A photo posted by Flexcia D’souza (@flexcia_dsouza) on
A photo posted by Flexcia D’souza (@flexcia_dsouza) on

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