Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Being An Indian & Living In India Is Amazing

Living in India is an experience in itself. Our culturally diverse and overpopulated country has so much to offer to us. Here are #10 reasons why living in India is amazing:

#1 Yummy Food
Each state has their own special cuisine. And some items are our absolute favourite. One country gives us scope for trying so many different types of food, from Malai Kofta and Naan in the North to Seafood and Mutton Pepper Fry in the South, India has so much to offer. Each state has their signature ‘thaali’ and the contents vary according to culture, climate, ethnicity, occupation and locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Not forgetting the spectacular Indian dessert spread. Ranging from Gulab Jamuns to Payasam India has so many desserts that form a part of every meal.
#2 Entering a new state is like entering a new country altogether
There's so much uniqueness in each place - may it be based on culture, food, climate and topography. Every state has their own way of doing things. From getting lost in the snow-clad Himalayas to enjoying a vacation in a beach town in Coastal states, India has so many places worth visiting. Beautiful Hill stations in the Western Ghats, Union Territories, Architectural Structures, World Heritage Sites, Treks in the Himalayas, Riding through Kashmir, adventure sports in Rishikesh, sipping on coffee in Coorg, enjoying the monsoons in the North East, dancing at the Carnival in Goa – every state offers you so much. There's so much to be explored in India.
#3 You have friends of so many religions and ethnicities
India has people following so many religions and ethnicities. Every one follows a different culture, attends service at different religious institutions and celebrates different festivals. From celebrating Durga Puja in Kolkata to Onam in Kerala, every state has a unique festival you wish to attend. 
#4 You find people of every state almost everywhere
May it be seeking work or migrating, Indians travel to other states and stay there. Hence we find people of so many different states in a particular place. Even though they live in a new place, they still carry their traditional values, culture and food habits, thus adding so much variety to the place. Having a South Indian neighbour promises great payasam during every festival, isn’t it?
#5 You can get almost every type of experience in India
You can watch the sunrise in the hills of Shimla and sunset at the shore of Kanyakumari. You can ride the plush Delhi Metro or travel in the legendary Mumbai local. You can ride a scooter on the narrow streets of coastal Goa or cycle around the streets of Pondicherry. You can go cliff jumping and mountain climbing in Uttrakhand and go rowing in the backwaters of Kerala. You have the heaviest rains in Chirapunjee, snowfall in Kashmir and scorching Delhi summer to witness. There's something for every kind of person in this country.
#6 You enjoy the big fat Indian Wedding
I’m told that Punjabi weddings are the most fun. Even though I haven’t attended one yet, I wish to. Every religion has a different way of celebrating their wedding days. Most ceremonies last for days together and which also includes a grand reception. The clothes, food and rituals vary, but at the end, weddings are always fun. Some rituals are common is several religions, but each wedding is unique in its own way.
#7 You have a large family
If you are fortunate enough, you live in a large joint family. Even if you don't you still have so many cousins and you all meet at your ancestral home during festivities or vacations. And it's always fun to have so many people around. Also, everyone you meet is either chacha, chachi, bhiayya or didi.
#8 Everyone wears different things
In India, clothing varies widely based on the location, religion, climate and ethnicity. Every state and religion has their own traditional clothing which they wear during festivals. Indian women usually wear sarees. However every place has their own unique style of draping the sarees. Also the patterns, colours and textures vary. Designers have blended several elements of Indian traditional designs into conventional western wear to create a unique style of contemporary Indian fashion.
#9 People speak so many languages in one country
Even though Hindi is the official language in India, people of every region have their own mother tongue. Sometimes each state has two or more languages. Thus making India such a diverse country. Even though most youngsters chose to speak in English or Hindi, people still interact in their mother tongue when in their state. Also you always prefer swearing and arguing in your own mother tongue or Hindi.
#10 But inspite of all this, there's unity in diversity
And that’s what makes India an amazing country to live in!
Happy Independence Day to all my Indian readers everywhere in the world.

Text: Flexcia D'souza
Photo Courtesy: Google Images
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