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Tricks That'll Make Your Hostel Life Way Easier

Hostel life can be tough. Atleast if you are a first timer. I just sailed through two years of hostel life when in postgraduate college in and happily back home. So I shall share some tips and tricks to get through this phase peacefully and also tips on how to make hostel life fun.

#1 Have a great circle of friends in college
I don't mean have a lot of friends. Just have a close bunch of friends you can hang out with when you're down. A bunch of people who make you happy and makes you miss home a tad bit lesser.
#2 Have a few friends outside of college too
It's always good to hang out with newer people. Since you are on your own, you have a lot of spare time. You don't have to help in household chores or you do not waste time watching TV, so you have a lot of time to go on drives, go out for coffee or dinner, or hang out at some nice places. The best part about having local friends is that they are well versed with the place. So there is a scope of visiting new places and trying out new things every time. Also, after a few hangouts, you become a part of their friends group.

#3 Connect with friends back home
Talking over the phone, skype or texting your bff back home will definitely make you feel better about hostel life. Please stay away from negative people or people who will make you feel more homesick.
#4 Participate in College Activities
Don’t confine yourself to your hostel and its inhabitants, take part in college activities because you will have the time and you will live right there. It will not just keep you occupied and introduce you to new people but also give you multiple things you can add to your CV! 

#5 Talking to family every alternate day
The first phase will sure be difficult with mom calling ten times a day to check on you. But once she is confident that you're doing well, she won't bother you much. Try to reduce the frequency of calls. Fill your family up on your day to day activities and let them know that you have people around who care about you. And they'll worry less.
#6 Make a trip back home every month
Plan well. Check your calender/handbook for holidays. Check for a holiday on Friday, Saturday or Monday. And book your tickets accordingly. Going home every now and then reduces chances of you missing home and you family.

#7 And get home made food every time you go home
I am pretty much sure you hate the food in the hostel mess. So make sure you get home made food every time you go home. Also, pickles, jams and preserved food will help you sail through a few weeks at least.
#8 Try to engage in activities you did back home
If you went to dance class or swimming when you were home, join here as well. If you were a party person, party frequently in your new city as well. I mean, whatever it is you loved doing at home, do it here as well.

#9 Carry your favourite collections
May it be your favourite record, movies or books - please take them along with you. Trust me, they are an instant therapy when you're in a new place. If you are a pet person, but cannot take your pet along, tend to a stray cat or dog and it'll feel the same.

#10 Volunteer at NGOs
Render your services for a social cause. It'll sure keep you busy and help pass time. And your services will benefit the society. Teaching English at the orphanage twice a week, conducting activities at the home for the aged over the weekend, helping activists in their awareness drives, volunteering at an NGO thrice a week - are simple things that don't require much effort, but will bring a smile on someone's face and make you happier.
#11 Be friendly with the hostel guard and warden
So that they let you stay out late in the night and gives you permission to spend the weekends away. Being nice to them makes life in hostel a lot easier. Best way is to strike up conversations with them every now and then, tell them about all the 'good' things you do so that they believe you're a smart kid, agree when they ask something of you, help them with anything if you can; and you'll be the ideal kid even though you have the most fun otherwise.

#12 Hang out with your roommate once in a way
You spend a great deal of time with your roommate doing nothing. So every now and then makes plans and make things happen. It can be a random shopping trip or a movie or dinner or anything the two of you enjoy doing.
#13 Share and care
Sharing stuff with your hostel mates will definitely help maintain a good relationship with everyone. Share your home food - get an extra tiffin for your hostel mates. Also anytime they ask for some help, or ask for something - let them have it. Clothes, shoes, bags, stationery, jewelry, food, novels, movies - they'll want all of it. Just be nice and learn when to say no.

#14 Learn subtle techniques to avoid people
It is quite normal to have annoying people around you all day (and night) long. And it's absolutely alright that you can't stand a few of them. Instead of abusing or being mean, you can just avoid them, and if they're smart enough they'll get the hint. Simple things like pretending to sleep, read or study, or plugging your earphones when they're around will do the trick. There are also chances that you'll get used to people being around and won't mind after a while.

#15 Collect as many TV series as you can
Watching TV series is not just a pasttime activity, but it is a great piece of knowledge you need to strike up a conversation and eventually become friends with them in hostel. Girls spend hours talking about TV series, and you'll be the odd one out sitting and staring at their faces if you don't know what they're talking.

#16 Practice sleeping in noise
Beacuse admit it or not, hostels are never peaceful. There is always some or the other kind of noise during most part of the day or not. You may also have a roommate who talks over the phone with her boyfriend u til the wee hours of the morning. You just need to get used to it and find ways to avoid all the noise.

#17 Learn basic life chores
It’s time to do basic adulting, guys! Washing your clothes and dishes, cleaning up your room once in a while - you will need to learn all of this on your own. But don’t freak out, once you see everyone around you struggling with the same things, you’ll know it will all be fine! Also split the work of cleaning the room with your roommate. 

#18 Avoid conflicts
No I don’t mean don’t stand up for what you believe in, but try to avoid unnecessary conflicts for as long as you can. Keep your life peaceful and filled with happy vibes and watch it spread to the people around you! Also learn to adjust - basic hostel principle, and life will be way easier.
#19 Go grocery shopping every now and then
Have things stocked up. You don't want to run out of shampoo or bodywash when you need it. Have an extra bar of soap, toothpaste, etc. Also keep basic medicines and bandages handy, just in case. 

#20 Stock up your food
Yes Maggi is your best friend in hostel. But there are loads of other food like popcorn, cookies, biscuits, chips, chocolates, fruits, dry fruits and nuts and other munchies you can keep in handy to satiate your midnight hunger pangs,
#21 Be friends with the hostel cook
You will just be fortunate enough to get an extra chicken piece on your plate for dinner. Or you favourite food cooked on Sunday night. Yes that happens! And that's the best food you've eaten in the hostel mess after ages. 

#22 Learn to manage your finances
You never know where you end up spending money when living on your own, especially in a hostel, when you can’t keep a track of every small penny you spend on yourself or others. And before you know it, you are left with an empty wallet. Try to take out some money in the beginning of the month and hide it away in your almirah for a rainy day similar to this!

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Text: Flexcia D'souza
Photographs: Google Images
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