Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#7 Incredibly Lovely Friendship Day Gift Ideas That'll Make Your BFF Smile

Just four days left for Friendship Day. If you are still wracking your brains on what to get your bestie this friendship day, this gift guide will put an end to your woes. Get inspired from my list of gift ideas and pick up the best gift for your bae:

#1 Chocolates

Because, umm, who doesn't love chocolates? A box of your bae's favourite chocolates or a basket of assorted chocolates can definitely make his/her day.

#2 Scarf

A scarf (for a girl) and/or bandana for a guy can be a great friendship day gift. Winter is just a few months away and you'll give your bff their new winter favourite. Wouldn't you love having them wrap your gift round their neck all winter?

#3 Personalised Photo Gifts

As cliche as it may sound, a photo gift is something that is preserved. A cool photo frame, printed mug or personalised keychain with a pretty photo of the two of you together will definitely make your bff cling on to it until next Friendship Day.

#4 A Classic Fashion Accessory

Do you remember your bestie not finding the right size in the favourite pair of shoes at Forever21? Or the cool boyfriend jeans she's been eyeing? The classy watch or belt he would love to have? Go get it. It sure will burn a hole in your pocket, but their smile will make it worth it.

#5 Movie Tickets For Two

Because no matter what, you wish to spend the day with your bff. What better way to make sure you have a fun day together. You can definitely make further plans from there. Like drinks or dinner probably?

#6  A Friendship Day Basket

Prepare a box with all his/her favourite things in it. A favourite pack of chips, chocolate, a copy of his/her favourite movie/TV series, drinks, books, photos, bottle of drink! Basically anything and everything you can think of that she/he likes!

#7 A DIY gift

Because it is priceless, just like your bond. A cute DIY greeting card, wall hanging, artwork or anything you think will make your bff's day special. Or how about baking a cake or cooking your bff's favourite food?
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