Friday, August 19, 2016

#10 Bra Rules Every Girl Should Know

Yes, bras are expensive and yes, they aren't the most comfortable article of clothing, but the perfect bra can have a profound effect on how you look and feel. That first-layer is crucial; it's worth it to spend the time and money on some quality lingerie.There are a lot of do's and don'ts that surround the subject of bras. Everyone tells us different things and it gets pretty much confusing at times. So I shall list down some important universal bra rules...

#1 Invest in quality bras
Yes, get multiple bras in multiple patterns and colors. Different pieces of clothing require different kind of bra's and it is wise to have atleast a few different ones to rotate through the month. You do not want your bras showing through your top, isn't it? Lingerie Shopping Guide

#2 Take assistance while bra shopping
Most women wear the wrong bra size because they don't get the measurement done properly. Get the store staff to measure you properly before you buy your bras.
#3 Spend extra time while bra shopping
Do not rush through it. Take it easy girls. Try on the bra and check if it fits well. Do various body movements and check if it's still intact and whether it gets uncomfortable before you invest in one.

#4 Bra sizes do change often
Get your size checked every time you feel you have put on or lost weight. There are chances your bra size will also change. Even if you haven't, it is advisable to get your size checked at least once a year.

#5 Bras will never be comfortable clothing items
Its primary function is to support your breasts, so it's supposed to be firmly hugging your torso. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to stick no more than 2 fingers between your back and the bra strap.
#6 Always handwash your bras
They are delicate and will easily stretch and loose elasticity. Make sure you use some light detergent and handwash them with utmost care. Avoid machine wash. If needed, make sure to set the wash cycle to 'delicate'.

#7 Do not hang your bras
After washing, do not wring your bras. Instead pat dry them and lay them on a flat surface to dry. Do not hang them on strings with pags. They'll loose elasticity due to pull of gravity and the cups will loose shape.

#8 Clasp the hooks together while storing them
The hooks get tangled when kept in the drawer and there are chances of one or more items getting ripped while you try to pull them out in a hurry. Arrange your bras nicely in your clothes drawers.
#9 You can take a break from wearing a bra
It is essential to wear a bra when you go out. But you can knock it off at night or when your spending time at home. A recent study shows that it's more advisable to not wear a bra all the time since wearing one does more harm than good.

#10 Discard old bras
Even bras have expiry dates. Even though you love some piece of clothing with dear life and do not want to give it up, it is advisable to stop wearing bras that are stretched and don't fit right. Replacing your bras at such a point is a good idea. Who doesn't want cuter bras? *wink*

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